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Game Addiction Video Game Forums

Founded in July 2001 as Game Addiction, the original site was first created "because of our love for video games" and these community forums were launched a few years later in May 2004:

"The Game Addicts: Video Game Forums is an online community dedicated to gaming news, discussions, reviews, and a lot more. We meet up to schedule gaming sessions and have a lot of fun."

In the early years, the site was very popular for Neo Geo CD enthusiasts, and NeoGeoCD.net was created as a resource "dedicated to the Neo Geo CD system, games, and accessories."

In June 2004, GameSpot magazine published an article about the history of SNK, and NeoGeoCD.net was mentioned as "a site devoted to the ill-fated NeoGeo CD console. It includes specs, load times, reviews, and cheats."

In March 2008, as the community continued to grow, a podcast called "World 9-3" was created with over 60 episodes recorded over the next couple years.

VGF 2.0

In July 2018, the video game forums were upgraded and everything was merged into one dedicated video game site. Every discussion thread since 2004 has been preserved and carried over to this new platform, and the site has a better layout to focus on current generation gaming as well as older video game consoles.

The original Neo Geo CD resource site was also upgraded and has been preserved as an information wiki that’s now part of the video game forums.

Video Game Forums is a free community and we welcome all video gamers, for all types of video gaming and all video game systems.


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