1/11/2014 all day gaming

I keep wanting to play because I always see several of you guys on steam but i've yet to find that multiplayer game that does it for me. this most recent steam sale had tons of rpgs and platformers but was poor on multiplayer stuff. there's got to be something that several of us get get in together on and not seem like the same tired crap
Jun 2004
It is hard not to fall into a pattern with Steam's multiplayer games (for me, personally). Counter-Strike: Source and Global Offensive, Left 4 Dead 1 and 2, and Team Fortress 2 seem to be the go-to games for multi-player mayhem.

I think that DOTA 2 is good, but takes some commitment to learn: it is not a game that a group can easily jump into without everyone having played it before. Alien Swarm is also pretty good for having been a free download. Sanctum is pretty fun for a 4-player game. I was never able to get a group of people to play Torchlight 2 together.

Thought it doesn't have cloud support, Unreal Tournament III: Black edition is one of my favorite FPS deathmatch games.
I can't get into Team Fortress. I suck at league of legends and dota is harder so i'm out on that one. I've yet to play CS anything but would be up for trying it out, also I love torchlight 2 so i'd be down for that any time.

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