10 Weird Video Game sequels that don't suck.

Jan 2005
Waco, TX
1. Resistance 2 (PS3). Okay, I'm going to finish this game later on. Yet, I firmly believe this game was overshadowed by all the major games of November 2008 such as Gears of War 2, WoW: Wrath of the Lich King Expansion, and Call of Duty World at War. I really feel the game delivered something epic, by presentating LARGER Chimera hybrids and richer detail compared to the first game. Sure the controls are tweaked differently, but it grows on you. The cutscenes and bosses give you an epic Hollywood movie theme. For that reason, I think this sequel deserves some spotlight.

2. Silent Hill HomeComing (X360/PS3). This game flopped SO bad that it's a shame that nobody really cares about Silent Hill since part 2. Three and four just drifted by, but when the fifth was announced I was pretty dang excited. Only to be presented with a glitchy in some part (i.e. when you find a gas can and run into it I found myself stuck), a familiar storyline, and emotionless expression characters. The biggest downside for many hardcore fans was it was trying too hard to be like the ungodly live-action movie from the year before. However, the action and gameplay changes is what made the fans turn away and quite frankly it's the second easiest Silent Hill game next to Shattered Memories. The entire game is not that bad once you find out the clause.

3. Red Faction Guerilla (PC/360/PS3) At long last a true sequel! Yet what happened to the fans? It's like they moved onto "Modern Warfare" instead of Guerilla warfare, right? THQ really busted their bottoms to get this sequel out and ready, but isn't it just sad that this game was actually given away for FREE with "Darksiders" from a mail-in coupon? From what little I played, I was pleased with this game and being a tad different doesn't mean it's the end of a fanbase!

4. Jak & Daxter: The Lost Frontier (PSP/PS2) What HAPPENED? Is all I have to say about poor Jak & Daxter. The Ratchet & Clank series just slapped Jak & Daxter to the curb, but Daxter had one successful PSP spin-off title that was really good. Why couldn’t they make a sequel to that instead of this moderate game? If you break down the gameplay and storyline of The Lost Frontier, it’s the same thing you loved or remember, but the story is seriously lacking. Regardless I think the game was decent. I just wish someone could bring Jak & Daxter to the glory days of part 2 or 3.

5. Ratchet & Clank Size Matters (PSP/PS2) The only sequel I’ve seen that was ever put on the PSP. Not as flashy as it’s PS2 or gorgeous as it’s PS3 brothers, but the storyline is pretty solid after you have reached the third area of the game and pushes the PSP’s hardware to a newer boundary before the great God of War: Chains of Olympus showed up. It was weird to me, because it was just a wild goose chase and usually R&C have a good reason to save a galaxy or a universe. This time around, it was more like a quest to find oneself. Solid title however!

6. Mega Man 8 (PS1/Saturn or Cube/Xbox/PS2 via compilation) Amazing game, but the animated cut scenes and bad voice acting make any of the fans cringe. Thanks to this bizarre abomination, Mega Man always sounds like a little school girl now. Delivers rich and colorful 32-bit classic Mega Man game, but if I have to hear Clown Man’s voice again, I’m going to scream in terror. Weird game, but it doesn’t suck that’s for sure!

7. CastleVania Harmony of Dissonance (GBA) Okay, I could have picked ANY CastleVania. Yet this one stands out because of the change in background music makes modern Symphony of the Night fans still pissed. Improvement on the graphics, but sacrificing the rich background music was a bold move by replacing it with 8-bit synthesizer. You get everything from a solid Metroidvania clone, but there’s one thing I love about Jueste Belmont that you play as, he’s the direct grandson of SIMON BELMONT! No other heir to the Belmont clan came this close to Simon since Trevor Belmont (Whom was Simon’s grandfather) This sequel doesn’t suck, but the final battle is freakin’ weird!

8. Final Fantasy V(PS1/GBA/SFC) Still I adore this one because it doesn’t get the proper hype as 4,and 6 or dare say 7, 8, or 9. Implementing the job class system from Final Fantasy III, the characters were lovable, the storyline was there. Yet why didn’t this one catch on like any other? In my honest opinion, I think it was the difficulty. The game can be quite unforgiving, especially if you find one of the hidden boss fights by accident. Lord knows that robot in the cave didn’t look THAT cute.

9. Call of Duty World at War (PS3/360/PC). Every Modern Warfare fan hated this game, because everyone is burned out on the old World War II story. You can’t blame them since we’ve been stuck longer in re-living World War II than the actual men and women who were THERE from 1939 until 1945. While we’ve been replaying World War II in video game form since the invention of Castle Wolfenstien 1981 (PC not the 3D game) until COD World at War 2008. Regardless, this game offered the one dream that any hardcore horror fan adores. ZOMBIE NAZIS! A co-op mode that brought a scary vision into a first-person reality. The campaign mode delivered a superb upgrade to the COD4 MW graphic engine. Sure Trey Arc is the most hated company since the ungodly COD3, but they did give us some cool toys to play with like a flame thrower. It didn’t suck, but bringing zombies into the fray was weird as hell.

10. Left 4 Dead 2 (PC/360) A sequel that came out too soon, fixed some things, and added more problems. Was it the fact that the new special infected characters were too weak or too darn annoying? Was it the fact the characters weren’t as developed and appreciated like Louis, Bill, Zoey, and Francis? Driving away from the George A Romero cliché of being trapped in a city, an airport, a farm house and moved unto being stuck in a swamp, a carnival, a mall that felt like a last minute idea killed the thrill of it all? An expansion would have been better for Left 4 Dead 1, because Valve had a great formula here but by making it into an entirely “ragin‘ cajun” style game is what killed it for the fans. No matter what the case is, the game sold pretty well, it’s a solid sequel, but I think it was too weird to release a sequel this soon when most of us still can‘t get the insane achievements like 53,595 Zombie killed.
really the only game their i can comment on is Resistance 2, the only thing that i didn't like about it compared to Resistance is that you can't do co-op campaign! which is really the main reason why a friend and i went halfs on it.