2 of the last great American Arcades (might be) closing down

Jan 2005
Waco, TX
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Two Of The Last Great American Arcades (Might Be) Closing DownFans of arcade gaming in the United States might be on the receiving end of a one-two punch, with both New York's Chinatown Fair and California's Arcade Infinity in danger of closure by the end of the month.

For different reasons, both were seen as two of the finest arcades left in North America; Chinatown Fair for its rustic charms and Arcade Infinity for its wealth of rare and imported Japanese cabinets.

Chinatown Fair's owner, Henry Cen, wrote over the weekend on his Facebook page that "after decades of business" the arcade had "lost its lease". While sounding grave, it's not confirmation that the arcade is definitely gone, so New Yorkers can hold out hope that something can be done to save the place.

Two Of The Last Great American Arcades (Might Be) Closing Down If you've never had the privilege of soaking up the ambience of Chinatown Fair, this recent set of photos from a New York City film scout give you a great look at why the place is so dear to many gamer's hearts. Or, for something with a little more Wu-Tang, you can check out this 1995 video for Ol Dirty's Brooklyn Zoo, which was partly shot inside the arcade.

Feb 2011
this really sucks.... i dont live anywhere near those two locations, but this sucks because that means that any arcade i have near me.... which is like 35-45 miles away might close too :(