2018: What video games are you currently playing?

I know that the Xbox One was released four years ago. So I am scratching my head over its game library. I feel that the Xbox 360 had a better game line up. I haven't been impressed yet. So far Cuphead is the best game on the system. Second is RARE replay. I have ordered a copy of Final Fantasy 15. I should get that later this week. Curious about that one. At this point the One will not replace my 360 because of the bullet hell shooters that I have for the 360. They are not compatible on the One. I will also look into the fighters available. I am trying to make a list of games that I start gradually purchasing for my XBOne play time.

Presently it is Cuphead and Rare Replay.
After about eight hours of loading and installing on the XBone Final Fantasy 15 is ready to play. Really? This is one of the reasons I am a retro gamer. It is a very good looking game but I don't know how I like it yet. It seems so slow moving at the moment. What is up with the traveling in the car across country? I think I could drive faster. Let me drive!

A real immediate hit is Recore. I love that game already. Very engaging action puzzle element orientation.


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Jun 2004
Playing some SNES classic games (Zelda III: Link to the Past and Super Mario World) along with the typical StarCraft II arcade games on b.net. On Steam, I have been trying to slowly trudge through Castlevania: Mirror of Fate HD; it seems much slower pacing than older Castlevania titles.
I just started back the COD WW2 campaign.

WW2 is a good reentry point to the COD Franchise if you've been out for a bit. it's been changed up enough to were it doesn't seem like same old same old but retains the key elements of that winning formula that made COD the hit it is. The campaign isn't coop though. I could have sworn I've played COD campaign COOP in the past...

For some quick play I've been playing PacMan, Ms. PacMan, Galaga, and DigDug on steam.
May 2004
Grindspine said:
Playing some SNES classic games (Zelda III: Link to the Past and Super Mario World) along with the typical StarCraft II arcade games on b.net.
We'll have to get some more SC2 going. Didn't know you were still playin it. :)

Been playing PUBG still, along with NHL18 and Battlefront 2 that I also got for Xmas.
Jun 2004
I finished the game HOB on Steam. It is a realllly good exploration game. The plot is fairly esoteric; graphics are amazing though! It oddly has a bit of the vibe from Journey on the PS3 mixed with very little guidance and exploration until you find a way, like early Metroid games. The gameplay is just solid; it was a satisfying game with a rather odd ending.

Decided to take a rest and do something different for a while. Currently, I'm trying to socialize more, hanging with my friends, make new connections. I think I became more open to people after taking this jung test, I understood that I have contradictions as well as any other person and it allowed me to accept others more easily.

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