3ds One Piece Romance Dawn

This game has been absolutely scarce in my area. I think the guy at gamestop said there were a few preorders and a shelf copy or two but its been a really limited batch. I was actually able to order a used one from gamestop.com and only got it because of how hard it is to find. Has anyone else noticed it being extremely rare? If anyone else has played it is it fun or worth it?
How does the game play? I have read that it is "Tactical turn based combat." I don't like "tactical" in my gaming. That would be the only thing that would make me shy away from this game. I like One Piece.
My high hopes for this game were totally dashed. Its entirely too repetitive and the first island you come to looks like a stock background off of a cheap cartoon. Everything looks so similar its disorienting. I've not picked it up again, I got pokemon y and have been playing that and Zelda and have more than filled my rpg craving. One piece is going to be just something kinda rare in my collection.

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