99 cent night - Rock Star Table Tennis

Jul 2004
I've finally gotten so far behind in gaming that there are closeout games at the dollar mark I've not played and / or do not own.

To help control my incredibly irrational spending habits I've rounded up all the games I've purchased in the past year and have decided to devote an hour of game time at least once a week pulling from the pile of games I've already purchased. Until we go through every single game I've sworn off purchases not specifically earmarked for Christmas. Today was Table Tennis for the 360.

I remember when this game came out, everyone either jumped on the bandwagon immediately or scoffed at the fabled GTA boys making a ping pong game. Friends bought it, talked about it for about a week, and I don't recall hearing much about it after that.

Theres a good reason for that... the game wears quickly. It's really fun to be a ping-pong god for a few minutes, smacking a ball around like Forrest Gump but that wore off quick. My 5 year old beat me set after set after set with almost no strategy. I finally asked him what it was he was pushing and it was hold right bumper and press a repeatedly.

I figured it was just blind luck and read through the instructions and figured out what buttons did the different spins and what to push for a soft shot instead of a hard shot... he still beat me. The best of three sets never made it past the second and I never scored more than 6 point to his 11. Neither of us figured out how to server with authority but it didn't matter. His strategy of standing just back from the table spamming A was unstoppable.

I had a lot of fun laughing at myself and seeing my youngest come up with new dances and insults every time he made me his ping pong BIT#$.

The 99 cent I paid for the game is worth every single penny if not just for Parker's ridicule filled dancing.