A new year of retro gaming, 2017!

It is the dawn of a new year and the light here is very dim, all but gone out.

One can only come to the conclusion that the one who took this forum over had intentions of letting it die. No way for it to regenerate with new gamers. That part is locked. The old crowd has moved on to whatever changes in their life. And it obviously does not include an old forum that had a place in their heart at one time. I will linger for a while re-reading old threads. I long for a forum full of life as this one once was. A need for a meeting point of retro gamers. Finding one with life and excitement, now that is very difficult to find in this present gen in gaming. The gaming culture has changed so much. The modern gamer has found a new way to find community.

I am starting off the new year with a renewed excitement for my new Super Famicom. On ebay purchasing games now. Every time I pull out an old console like this, I always ask myself, "Where have I been?" Such rich gaming experiences in these old systems. And I lived through those times, returning to them quite often. There are so many treasured memories to create over and over again.

There are a few forums out there that still have some life in them. I will still pass by here, but I will try to develop more of a presence in one of those outdated obscure sections of the net. Looking for a home.

I will be 62 years old this year. Still gaming!!
A Happy New Year to all.

My gaming forum considerations.
There are some forums out there that seem to be console pacific which still remain active with a small community. They still take on members and retain a certain volume of activity. But it is centered around the fans burning love for a particular console.
There doesn't seem to be a forum that is geared like this one was. At least I haven’t found one yet. I have a criteria laid out.
1. Active, (no last posts dated 2003 or 1998, need to be current)
2. Open to receiving new members (no error codes when you try to enlist, I have encountered a few cough *retro collect* cough)
3. Everyone interested in a diversity of consoles that also includes the current generation, yet focused.
4. I like the consoles having their very own section. It just makes it easier to find your way.

Currently I am active at "Nintendo 64 Forever." Obviously because I am into those games. I am somewhat active at "Pcenginefx." Because the Turbo Grafx is my all time favorite console. About to become more active at "Nintendo Fan Forum." That one does have an emphasis on the Super Famicom. I do have a membership with "Sega-16" too. "Atariage" is another one I am considering becoming more active, not sure, I don't like the site layout of the posts though. See the problem here? I am discovering that I am going to be spreading myself thin. Maybe I am just not being satisfied. Or maybe I should consider just settling down to one and be there for a while, dig in, be content. There is no easy solution.
my problem is the hardcore nature of most console specific sites. I can't stand a one-sided discussion. I want a robust argument... too many like minds on a console specific site, group think takes hold.

Video gaming is a multi platform hobby where my interests in certain aspects of it wax and wane. I need a catch all forum. One day I may be building a multi gpu game machine and the next collecting obscure tg16 shooters. I don't want to bounce between forums.

surely theres something out there but I'm still hopeful for the ega renaissance
I totally agree with you. I feel the same. I can endure the madness of obsessing for a while. That is why I seem to end up on so many sites, my form or rest. :lol There was a certain uniqueness to this forum that I am not finding elsewhere, in personality, attitude, and joy in the game, rather than a certain system.
Sites like this one are a dying breed. I feel like Facebook, Reddit, and image boards have sort of filled that niche. They don't really give that sense of community sites like these did though.
Conversation in general is on life support. Social media has turned intimate conversations into quick meaningless interactions. We're completely devolving, prostituting ourselves for likes and followers and liking and following whatever.

And the celebrities we churn out of all this nonsense... I've got a desk lamp made out of a crank shaft a paper weight made out of a piston and connecting rod -- both insanely worn, both out of the first engine I blew.. Amazing conversation pieces. There's an insanely expensive gold fountain pen on my desk. Again, nice conversation piece. No one ever notices these things. It's always "ooh I love grumpy cat" because the mousepad I got as a gag gift Christmas present. I think i'll hang up a pewdiepie poster and get a coffee mug that says stay calm and chive on so the people ten years younger than me will have something they understand
May 2004
Yeah, it's truly a shame that things died out here. I think the new owner had good intentions, and I don't think BV would have sold this place to someone who didn't want to take care of it. Also...i know he didn't sell it cheaply so I think there were probably some extenuating circumstances on the part of the new owner that prevented him from doing what he wanted here. Too bad, though. I miss the community here and I really haven't gone looking for a new community because it'd be tough to match what we had going here.

I'm still amazed this place is up. Scared to death that it will just disappear one day, though. That will be a sad day. That's why I keep promoting the Facebook page so we can all still keep in contact if or when that happens.

Love to see you guys still posting here! I try to pop in once every couple of weeks just to check on things. See you around. :)
(rant warning) If the new owner had good intentions, it only takes a few seconds to post an explanation. That is all that is needed. It is not that hard. No details would be needed. Just a brief, "Hey sorry but there are things suddenly going on in my life." Sorry to sound like a sore loser, but hey, how much effort does it take? The people on this site deserved that much. They could have offered someone on the forum a chance to take over? I guess I am just asking to accept a little responsibility. (rant over)

I think the cultural mindset is just not geared toward a forum setting anymore. I think Snatcher is right. But, for me, the social media just does not create the right atmosphere. Facebook is good to keep in a brief touch with family and friends that have moved to other places across the country, but it just does not present itself as a good place to, you know. The only way I can explain the difference between a forum and Facebook is, one is a glass of water, the other is water all over the table dripping to the floor. ::D With smart phones the social media is instant. You have to go to a forum. A different type of laziness of this gaming generation? Some have just went rogue with their own Youtube channel to fill the hunger, I think that can be added to the list. I do some blogging geared toward gaming. Never did that before the forum dried up. I do have a few followers, but it is just not the same.

People have just a certain amount of talk in them, some more than others, and when they have been drained by "twitter," "Facebook," etc, they're empty by the time they think of a forum.
Blue announced the new owner in March 2013, and Blue's last post was April 2013. - the owner posted once or twice around that same time and has been mia ever since. Who's paying the bill? Its been four years with almost no active members, no way to get new members, and no updates, not to mention limited functionality.
Jun 2004
I remembered my password!

I am still here... I have actually been playing some The Old Republic with MasterMario on the rare weekend when we have time.

I have still been working two jobs, so unfortunately cannot game on a nightly basis like I used to do. I am still on Steam or Battle.net time to time, rarely on xbox live, and usually only on the Playstation 3 when using Netflix.

Grindspine on Steam or PSN, Grindspines on XBL if anyone wants to add me for those rare occasions!

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