All purpose Halo 2 thread!

Ohhhhh I!! I'm still alive!

6 years later since this Thread started. Tonight, I decided to dust off the original Xbox. Only 1 1/2 months left until Xbox Live is cut off for Halo 2. Yet, you will go gently into the night sweet Prince of FPS's! Neigh, not to die in vain, but to be immortalized as the very foundation of Xbox Live, the pursuit of online console gaming, and what one man can do in one match. Sure I lost and I suck at Halo, but look at that kill streak :D

Jun 2004
After finishing Halo 4, I revisited Halo 2. The storyline is so much better in Halo 2! The music is better. The characters are more personable. The only thing that Halo 4 improved upon were the graphics.

I am also so glad that Halo 3 carried the dual-wielding mechanic from Halo 2...

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