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right now i ran out of anime i wanted to watch and well i know there are great anime that i do not know about that i should watch (like ghost hunt, it was great yet not a lot of people know about it) would you recommend me an anime that you enjoyed??

There are so many anime that are really terrific. I'm not going to recommend the usual which I'm sure you've probably already seen anyway (example: FMA).

1. Monster - it's kind of long and not licensed, but it is absolutely one of the best ever. The quality of the story is astonishing.

2. Mushi-shi - this one can be a little slow and quiet for some peoples taste, but it is so incredibly beautiful. It is art, not just anime.

3. The Twelve Kingdoms - very detailed world, on the order of Lord of the Rings. Very deep and engrossing.

4. Darker than Black - I don't know how to describe this one. It's very good, interesting story and character development.

5. Nodame Cantabile - it is absolutely nothing like any of the others I recommended. It's very fun and sweet. The music is wonderful and it is one of the most popular manga/live action/anime in Japan.

Those are my recommendations, and links to descriptions at Anime news
I saw the anime first, and didn't know if I'd like the live action but oh it is just one of my favorites now. I even made myself a nodame piano bag for my trip to Anime Expo this year. lol *geek*
Joyling - I've been to Comic-con twice, but I wasn't really into it .. don't read much in the way of comics. This was my first time going to Anime Expo. I had sooooooo much fun! I've never been to Anaheim, so I can't compare it to past AX but I really loved the LA Convention Center for this. Great big screening rooms, nice air conditioning, no lines outside and would you believe registration (I got my ticket online) took less than 5 minutes. It took longer to walk through the room than it did to get my badge. Also I went to Masquerade and it was in this fabulous theater with big old screens on the sides so you could see everything just fine. I loved it and am definitely going again!
gaara-is-smexy4596 said:
I never knew that The Twelve Kingdoms was an anime! I own the Sea of Shadows book.
I have the two books from Tokyopop too. They are so great, I really hope they keep on releasing them, I just wish they wouldn't take a year to come out with the next one. :D
Mai Valentine said:
Did you happen to start watching it? I've watched the first two episodes so far. I really like Clare's voice actor.
actually i watched the first episodes of most of what you recommended and now i don't know what should i watch XD. i think i will watch hana yori dango and claymore simultaneously
well here i am again so far i was able to watch most of the anime you guys recommended some of them i liked (BBB, claymore) and i have yet to watch some like fate/stay night and madlax... but rest assured those are next on my list... but my list is running low so i need help thinking what to watch next XD
Jun 2004
I really enjoyed Samurai Champloo. It's fairly short, spanning only one season. The artwork is gorgeous. The characters have nice development. The stories are interesting in all but two of the 26 episodes. The music is an interesting mix of hip hop and oriental...

Altogether, it is probably one of my top anime series.

Plus, Hulu has the whole series online.
Here are few animes that I have been getting into the last couple weeks and some just started.

Seitokai Yakuindomo
Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi
The Legend of the Legendary Heroes
Shukufu no Campanella
Highschool of the Dead
Nurarihyon no Mago

And my I suggest:
Battle Programmer Shirase (VERY SHORT but was cancelled, and was one of the most interesting shows...)
Fairy Tale
Darker Than Black
And of Course, EVERYONE should watch the rebuild of Neon Genesis Evangellion. Start with Neon Genesis: 1.1 and then go to 2.2 best remake ever.

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