Annoyance Factor

just thought of this, person lists something they think is annoying or rude, and the next person rates it 1 out of 10, 10 being the most annoying. :rockin

Person on cell phone in public area
9/10 don't come out in public if you have a baby, and when they're toddlers always get a babysitter

A group blocking both sides of the sidewalk

@Dray, I think people who don't have kids should keep their yaps shut about people who do have kids. :D Don't like crying babies?? Get ear plugs. Don't like toddlers?? Go somewhere else.

Loud people in movie theatres??


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:lol 5/10 unless its HOT salsa :lol :D feeling the burn a secod time... 10/10 priceless

someone taking 10+ minutes in the bank drive through doing tons of business transactions...

Bv :hat
9/10, one time I went to get out $40.00 but this guy took almost 15 minutes and a guy got behind me so I was stuck
the guy in front was also on a cell phone :hh

n00bs asking for gold in MMOs

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