Anyone beat the first Banjo?

Jul 2004
I got to the final battle with Grunty but I can't finish her off. Anyone have better luck?

Jun 2004
the sun
i beat it. makes it easier when you get all the jigsaw pieces and get the double power thing near the end.
actually managed all the notes too. couldn't duplicate it in the other two attempts i tried
Aug 2004
I beat the game, but I never took the time to collect all of the "jiggies" so that I could get the better ending.

Still a great game, though I liked M 64 better ;)
I only played this game when I rented it once. I thought it was pretty cool, but I knew I would never have the time to go through and beat. Kinda regrettable though. Another game that I wouldn't mind going back and playing again.
Oct 2009
I beat it 100% on XBLA. well, I say 100% but I only got the ice key for SnS. I kinda hate how you have to get the SnS items for Banjo Tooie instead of the items just being there in BT, but I guess since none of the power ups you get from the SnS are nessesary to get all the jiggies, its not that big of a deal. Still, you gotta think "You want Dragon-Kazooie? You must buy a 15$ download and then beat the game and THEN find the SnS stuff."