Anyone try Splatoon?

My 4 year old wants this for his birthday and I've been anything but excited about it ever since I first heard about it. I'm thinking about breaking down and getting it but I have a feeling he'll lose interest in it fast. Has anyone played this game yet, is it worth while, or at the very least would a soon-to-be five year old enjoy it for great periods of time?
5-year old would more than likely enjoy it, but it's mainly a multiplayer game. So either you or online friends will be needed for it to be enjoyed to its potential. I've heard good things but it's not for me, so unfortunately I can't tell you whether I think it looks good or not.
I've watched videos of the game play. It looks like it would be a great multiplayer game in the same way as bomberman. If it can be multiplayer in the same room as well as online, could be a winner. My family and I played bomberman for years, (I'm the black bomber). I don't have a Wii u so .......
it just looks like a mini game from a mediocre party game. Spraying paint to mark your turf all while someone else is spraying for claim on the same turf is a neat couple of minutes, but there's only so much fun to be had there. I couldn't fathom making an entire game under said premise and spending much time with it.
My son spent birthday money on splatoon and a wii u pro controller. The game is exactly what I thought it was and he still enjoys it but in small doses. He really loves the duels until he loses. If I'd let him beat me over and over again he'd play for hours. The pro controller is amazing. It makes Splatoon bearable. Playing a fps with a tablet is horrible.
the kid finally broke the wii u gamepad playing this game. It looked like he fell asleep on the couch playing and it slipped off onto the floor. You can still play a few games without the screen and plunk around through the os but it's pretty worthless without the gamepad.

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Late to the party but I actually really enjoy Splatoon. It's a breath of fresh air compared to the tired old formula most games are doing now. The single player portion is a good way to learn mechanics and is pretty fun on its own. I like the mix of platforming, puzzles, and third person shooting. What I like about the multiplayer is that even if you're a low rank and therefore don't have upgraded weapons, you can still pull out a win with good gameplay and good teammates.

On that note, I think they are adjusting the multiplayer so that you can group up with friends. That should help a bit so that you don't always get stuck with randoms. Of course, you have to have friends that play Splatoon, though.

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