Apple Unveils the iPad

Dec 2005
Fraser, Michigan

It's finally over ... and it's just beginning! Apple has introduced the iPad to the world, ending a long-drawn-out development phase fraught with rumor and speculation. Today -- like, just now -- the iPad made its stage debut at Apple's "Latest Creation" event in San Francisco.

Quite the production, er, introduction, eh? Here's what we know, courtesy of Steve Jobs:

* "It's very thin -- you can change the homescreen to whatever you want"
* "You can browse the web with it"
* "Phenomenal for mail"
* "Album, photos ... you can look at all of them, flick through them, it's a wonderful way to share. Calendar ... months ..."
* "We have the iTunes store built right in. YouTube and YouTube in HD"
* "And it's awesome to watch movies and TV"
* "Even bigger than the DSi XL" (okay, so Steve didn't say that -- we did!)

Cool, but does it play games? Stay tuned -- Apple invited us video game outlets to this event for a reason.

Update: Some basic specs: 0.5-inches thin; 1.5 pounds; 9.7-inch IPS display; multi-touch; powered by 1GHz Apple A4 chip; available in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB models; Bluetooth 2.1 plus EDR and 802.11n WiFi; speakers, mic and 30-pin connector; and up to 10-hour battery life.


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Oct 2004
Los Angeles, CA
Yeah, very underwhelming and definitely for casual users. This cost way too much compared to other devices from other companies. How can you not be able to run two programs at the same time with this?

Not to mention it's an extra $130 to get 3G. Apple, you have officially begun to let me down.


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May 2004
Some things I found from a CNN article:

-Pricing will start at $499 for the 16-gigabyte version, $599 for the 32-gig version and $699 for the 64, Jobs said.

-Having 3G mobile access will cost an extra $130 on each, he said.

-Two mobile plans will be available through AT&T, and there will be no contracts, allowing customers to opt out at any time, according to Jobs.

-Jobs and executives from other companies announced several new apps designed for the iPad, including the New York Times and Major League Baseball. The slate also will be able to run all iPhone applications unmodified.

-But the iPad doesn't have a camera, as some had hoped. There was some groaning across the Internet at the news that AT&T -- which some users have accused of spotty coverage on the iPhone -- would be carrying the iPad's 3G signal too.

-And the machine's apparent inability to run multiple applications at the same time was getting some negative comments.

-And then there's the name. Lots of folks watching the announcement -- some of them, no doubt, dedicated Apple haters -- were quick to make the lowbrow connection between the name and a personal hygiene product. While the Apple event was still going on, the term "iTampon" became a trending topic on Twitter.
And my buddy from New England says: "ipad = ipod with a boston accent" :lol


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May 2004

yeah... $829 for the best iPad with 3G... and $30 per month for service... that's hefty. $829 is ridiculous.

HONESTLY... the Kindle is a very good e-reader. I have been very tempted to buy one. From what I hear... it doesn't stress your eyes out as much either.

I don't see this as being an amazing product. All I see it as a larger version of something they already have.

Anyone disagree?

†B†V† :hat . Just looks like an over sized ipod...Why would i want a ipod that i can't carry in my pocket o_O and how did they think $829 was a fair price for a giant ipod and to top that off it cost $30 to even use it every month...unless this thing can do the house work for me why would i want to pay that much for an over sized ipod -_- o_O.


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Oct 2004
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Mai Valentine said:
That thing is really large, and probably overpriced for less features than are available in other products. That's the Apple way.
That's what it's starting to become, unfortunately. Before the iPod really caught on (around the 3rd Gen era) they were really, really good about giving your money's worth. It's sad really.