Are You Diabetic? See Your Dentist

When you received your Type 2 diabetes diagnosis, your first thought was Gluco Type 2 Review probably to be frightened by it. But once the initial panic and other emotions subside a little bit, you have to go to work on the things that you can change. Nothing is going to take back the stuff from the past (such as your past actions, and the genes you got from your parents). Fortunately, you still rule the future... you can still control things such as what you eat. And this is going to be a short list of some of the different foods that you can eat in order to control the effects of your Type 2 diabetes.

Fruits and vegetables: While you might think that fruits and vegetables would be bad for your diabetes since they have lots of sugar, this is actually a misnomer. While most fruits do have a decent amount of sugar in them, it is balanced by the fibers that they also have in them. These fibers increase the time it takes for the sugar to get into your blood stream, which makes it less likely to spike your blood sugar or insulin levels. Vegetables tend to have less sugar, but also the same level of fiber in them. And since both types of food are high in vitamins and minerals, they're just overall great for your health as a general thing.

Meat: Now, if you're a vegetarian or a vegan, meat isn't critical. But since there are essentially no carbs in meat, you save yourself from having to think about the Glycemic Index when you eat a meat dominated meal... just add a side (like brown rice), so that you get some carbs. Couple that with the fact that meats offer just about every micronutrient you could possibly need, and meat is a solid contender for your meal time consideration.

Now, beneath the banner of "meats" there are numerous different types of critters you could be munching on. Many people swear by buffalo meat, and not just because it's delicious. It is also very lean, extremely high in protein, and is raised in a much healthier way by default than cows, chickens and pigs tend to be. You might also consider eating fish. Even though it is not technically a meat, it still carries some great benefits to its consumption.

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