Back to work! Here's my newest.

Jun 2007
Planet Earth
A little piece about a dragon.

Dying by Daylight

Fire born of Dragon’s breath
Immortal creature, immune to Death

Eyes of emerald, gleaming, cold
Claws of iron, scales of gold

He turns his head, gazing into Night
There is no moon within his sight

He knows tonight he won’t be found
His wings gently lift him off the ground

The dark land below drops out of sight
He soars to the mountains, tall in the night

But, alas, he knows he will soon fade away
Born of Night, dying by Day
very nice, I read it twice. sounds like a shadow, made by the night and fire, a child's dream. maybe a man's desire. you did well, you I must tell. it reads smooth and I do wish to see the dreams it sires. I shall always comment in rhymes until the end of time to get rid of my smile of wire. ::D
Jan 2010
Northern AL
Ideas don't flow anymore, for me. The last few weeks have been constant work and sleep.
I bought an N64 game 2 weeks ago that I have played for 15 minutes on my lunch break since I got it.
Maybe I'll get around to it soon. I'm in a new relationship, now, so I'll probably end up writing something for her before too long.
But as far as just getting ideas about things to write about, it doesn't happen anymore. :(