Sega Dreamcast Battery Question


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May 2004
I am not 100% sure, I do know that its recharges while your system is plugged into the wall.

So, if you have problems with your startup info being erased, keep the system plugged in every so often.

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Jan 2005
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Dreamcast does not have a battery back up at all, just enough RAM to remember the time and date. It just uses the AC Cord to support that Memory....but once its unpluged for 24 hours, that memory is erased...but if left plugged in, then it won't forget it

The VMU Memory Unit on the other hand uses the CR2032 watch battery (2 of them) which is the exact same battery used in the Saturn's backup ram....and the same battery used in the Neo Geo Pocket Color
Jun 2004
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KazumaYoshikuni said:
What kind of Back up battery is in the DC?
Huh? Since when did it have a battery pack to it? *looks at his Dreamcast in varies different angles* Whats the point in plugging it up if you got a battery pack to it? Other than charging it of course.
Apr 2005
Its not a "battery pack" but simply a "battery", exactly as he said. I just keeps the clock running and a few other things while the power is off. Its just like the CMOS battery in your computer.