Best Buy Puts Pixel 3a XL on Sale Before It's Even Announced

Leakes about the upcoming Pixel 3a and 3a XL have been floating around for some time, but it looks like Best Buy jumped the gun and simply put them on sale. credits for cyber hunter

Having pictures, patents, and other stuff leaked ahead of an official launch is not something new, and people usually know how a phone looks like before it’s announced. The same can be said about Pixel 3a, which is no longer a secret after the latest revelations.But it’s one thing to get information about a product before launch, and a completely different matter to see them on a shelf, ready for sale, days before the product is even revealed. And to make things even event better, Google didn’t actually acknowledge that’s going to reveal a new phone on May 7th, at the Google I/O event."Price wasn’t listed"We know quite a lot about the upcoming Pixel 3a and 3a XL, and the most interesting piece of information is the hardware, which is not all that different from the regular Pixel 3 generation. revue star gems

And this is a really good thing.According to an Android Police report, someone took some pictures of a few Pixel 3a XL boxes on display, in Springfield, Ohio. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any price tag in the vicinity, so we don’t know for sure at what price point Google is trying to sell these. coins for line webtoon

On the other hand, the leaks we had until today didn’t reveal just hardware and design. From what we know so far, the Google Pixel 3a is going to sell for $399, and the XL variant is going to be just 80 bucks more expensive, depending on the storage.Until a few years ago, Google phones were extremely cheap and powerful, mostly because the company insisted that it’s not trying to turn a profit. The latest Pixel 3 XL broke the $1000 barrier, and people weren’t happy. A compromise was needed.The Google I/O event is scheduled for May 7th, so we’ll know the rest by then. spirals for tales of wind

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