Beta Glucan Maybe One Of The Most Powerful Immunity Enhancer Known To Science

With such supportive research as a backbone, it indeed seems a good Native Nutrients Review reason to change the slogan. Do your family members have a history of prostate cancer or heart disease? Then perhaps it is time to take a good look at your diet and incorporate foods that are rich in antioxidants such as lycopene. When school is out and all the children are home you hear the constant whine of "Mom, I'm hungry" even though you just fed them not an hour ago. You are still knee deep in laundry and don't have time to stop and fix another meal. What are you going to do? That's simple! Enlist their help and let them make themselves some quick snack ideas that even a child can make! The best benefit of these easy snacks is that they contain no honey, no sugar and no artificial sweeteners.

Besides just eating strawberries plain, your children may enjoy making their own strawberry jam. Give each child a strawberry. Have them wash the strawberry, remove the stem and place the strawberry on a small plate. Each child can then chop the strawberry with a butter knife and squash it with a fork. Give your children each a piece of lightly toasted bread and have them spread on some peanut butter. They can then spoon on their homemade strawberry squash and enjoy a quick, healthy treat.

Again, your children can slice their own bananas using a butter knife. Have them soak the banana slices in a little orange juice for a short while to give them extra flavor. This idea needs to be done ahead of time but your children will have fun making them all by themselves. Freeze fruit juice in ice trays or a muffin tin. Use toothpicks or recycled Popsicle sticks for handles. For another variation, take a cup of seedless watermelon chunks, one cup of orange juice and one cup of water and freeze this mixture.

Older children will have no problem combining a cup of orange juice, two ice cubes and two strawberries in a blender and pushing the button. This makes a refreshing and healthy drink after an afternoon of bike riding. Let your children roll a rolling pin over a piece of bread to flatten it out. Next, let them spread on a sandwich spread such as peanut butter and smashed bananas. Next, have them roll their bread slices up to eat. You can also make these roll ups ahead of time and store them in waxed paper in the refrigerator for quick hand out.

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