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(ok guys. I've had this Idea for such a long time and I need to get it out to see what people think. I've been wanting help to make it too and that's another reason I want to share this. tell me what you think through my profile. if you don't like complicated things avoid the first part.)
BLACKWATER: THE WORKINGS OF BLACKWATER (skip if you don't understand biology)
by Doctor Peter Hendt
Tx-01. one of the most versatile viruses ever discovered by mankind. just like any other virus, they use cells as nests, replace the DNA in the nucleus with it's own blueprints, it's RNA so that it will produce more Tx-01 which will burst out of the cell after. though they follow this action, things change very drastically afterwards. while the cell is producing proteins and making more Tx-01 it also producing two other clearly different agents, referred to as Fz-01 and P35, in a 1:2:4 ratio.
Fz-01, though much like a virus in appearance, does not use all cells for reproduction. instead of reproducing in every cell it comes across, it only attacks skin cells and neurons found in this area and only attacks the frontal lobe, leaving the motor skills, sensory skills, and what we call basic instincts intact.
even more interesting is the P35 though, an immunity agent that is able to not only produce antibodies, but also consume pathogens and enact catabolism and anabolism within itself so that it continues to survive. P35 has been seen in the labratories actually curing AIDs and HIV. It was considered to classify it as an organism of it's own though later on it was found it's origins and, by general consensous, was considered an immunity.
with this combination of three, the body continues to consume fluids and foods though there is no waste produced besides a vomit expelled from the mouth, giving the disease the name of blackwater. though basic skills and coordination do still exist, muscle memory is non existent as well as logic, basic memory, language basis, and any form of personality, making the victims almost walking vegetables. the fluids and "foods" consumed by the victim are found to be taken by the P35, broken down , reconstructed for their consumption, and then distributed about the body's living cells such as the heart and brain. almost nothing but those organs, the bone marrow and the muscles are kept alive, leaving the body to rot from the outside. it has also been observed that when injured the blood excreted from the wound is black with P35. these P35 then become a mesh and scab the wound until more P35 are able to produce new membrane to close the gap. we are unsure how it is able to do this.
It has been found it takes 16-24 minutes for the victim to show full signs of infection if found the infected is alive when infected. there are no immediate symptoms. 2-4 minutes in symptoms of blackwater are high temperature, faster heart rate, and uncontrollable shaking. 4-8 minutes in the victim begins to have loss in coordination, delirium, paranoia, euphoria, or hysteria along with a loss of logic. 8- 12 minutes in the victim is consumed by hallucinations created by their own fears or loves. 12-20 minutes the victim is beyond help and will exhibit very clearly intention to harm, a loss of ability to speak in languages, personality, and will often charge at sounds that are sharp or coherent and bite. 20-23 minutes the victim is in cardiac arrest and appears dead. 24th minute victim is awake again but is sluggish, has difficulty moving, and moans from his lungs being compressed. after an hour the infected is able to run, climb, jump, and in turn chase.

reported by Captain Zachery Fenrich; deceased in India, 2002, June 4th, 15:35; lost in action
I've been observing in the field a form of adaptability in the infected to their environments. while working in Purbadhala The temperature had been at extremes, reaching 162 degrees Fahrenheit. it was so bad that several of my men fainted of overheating. later that day, after we had dispatched the majority of the infected I found private Folly, one of the fainties, resting his head on on of their bodies. appalled, I accosted him with insults as I told him to remove himself from it. upon removing himself he stated his apologies and that the body had been freezing cold, allowing him some cool in this hot weather. upon checking I found he was correct. the blackblood, though it had been traveling the hills in the sun when we found it, was colder than conceptually possible. upon this I ordered my men to check the temperature of the creatures they downed so as to find a pattern. all other victims found were ice cold. this could be P35 acting an equilibrium upon the body. I've also noticed in caves and dark areas the infected are able to pursue us perfectly effortlessly and have shown signs of night vision by looking up at us when we are elevated, suggesting the ability of sight in the dark. deformities have also been noticed on the bodies of the corpses, such as jagged teeth, elongated fingernails shown to be thicker than regular, extreme muscular differences between areas such as some infected found in cities having larger leg mass than those found in small towns and have been shown to jump much higher than regular. with this evidence backing me up, I'd like to know what the hell you aren't telling us. I've lost 18 different squad members this month because of these "evolutions" and if I am not provided better equipment or some good answers or I'm shutting down my squadrant.
After reading the latter you may have constructed some form of idea of what this briefing is about. to sum up the mechanics article, BLACKWATER: THE WORKINGS OF BLACKWATER, blackwater, also known as Tx-01, is a virus that is spread through water and, when contracted, causes the victim to lose all intelligence and control. though the basics of the virus are evident and observable what the disease is capable of is unknown, as is shown by the report of mutations by Captain Zachary Fenrich. because of this, the IMF* has decided to begin development on the Blackwater project. this project will be used to combat infected and provide subjects for study. this project will be comprised of multiple companies which will be stationed globally at our main base and called upon whenever necessary. along with this, Blackwater Project will be used to conceal all evidence of blackwater so as to prevent civilian hysteria. with this Blackwater will be eradicated by 2089.

*The International Military Forces was formed between Japan, America, the UN, and Russia after WWII so after contact with forces too strong to combated by one nation. with this Military formed Earth was able to combat the things you've never heard of and save the human race from slavory, extinction, and future terrorism.
(this is only the start. I'll write a more story-like basis if I'm supported enough with graphics to express what's happening better. I was thinking of doing MIB (Military Interaction Bureau) rather than IMF but it seemed dangerous. if you read this far thank you!!!
Sep 2012
Seems like an interesting take on the whole infection thing. I'd be interested to see where this goes!