BRAIN DEAD 13 on iphone!!

OMG OMG OMG! I LOVED THIS GAME!! I had it on PS1 and played it to "DEATH" :D So funny, so clever! If you loved Dragon's Lair, this game was right there along it.
Re: Verizon and Iphone finally team up.

Used to have AT&T and the coverage is pretty bad in my area. Forced to switch because of it. With Verizon I have a signal practically everywhere. But like Strubes said, not an iPhone guy either. I'll stick with Android.
Re: Minecraft on iphone!

What a tool. They may call it "Minecraft World Explorer" but all it is is a seemingly annoying to control Minecraft Alpha that lets you load uploaded worlds from the web. I'm not a hardcore fan, but this isn't going to have a good impact on the game itself. And why would they need this anyway? Mincecraft can be played on Mac's. It even works on Linux :p If people wanted it, they could pretty much use an iPad if they configure it right (or Notch does it himself).
This app just looks like a money grabbing scheme to me.

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