Can dust break/damage handhelds and consoles?

I display my handhelds on little stands like Petedorr does and every-so often I look at them and clean off the dust. I was wondering if the dust that gathers on the system damage it even if I weekly clean them. Does anybody know if I should leave them displayed the way I do or take them down and put them in a drawer or something. I feel like I should know this information being a game collector and all. To answer this question, if you need to see how I display my handhelds check out my room tour. Channel link:
Dec 2007
As I said over on Digital Press:

Polygon said:
Dust on the outside of the console can't possibly cause damage. Cleaning it off can. I like to use Swiffer dusters and/or microfiber cloths to prevent scratching. Especially on the screens. Dust on the inside will cause insulation in large quantities which will increase heat and shorten the life span of the components inside. If there are fans it can gum up the fans. With newer systems with heat sinks it will build up in the fins, once again, increasing heat as air can't move through the fins to dissipate the heat.