Castlevania miniseries

Jun 2004
Netflix has a four episode miniseries based on the old school Castlevania storyline from III and SOTN. The focus is on a drunk Trevor Belmont. It is pretty good so far!
Right out of the gate the series was good, with just a bit of fine tuning it can be amazing. I'm really hopeful of it's continued success and hopefully that'll open up other series based on video game ips.

Who knows what can come out of it........ God of War, a good version of mega man, kid Icarus, freaking Metroid... Metroid woud be an obvious choice
Jun 2004
Mega said that season 2 will be at least eight episodes.. I look forward to it!

With the mention of Metroid, I have to point out that two of my pet ratties are named Syfa and Samus as in Sypha Belnades and Samus Aran.

And to further honor the old school Castlevania series... an article!
I loved it. Only thing I was bummed about was none of the music from the games but I figured Konami didn't let them or something.

I can't wait for the next batch of episodes. This series got me to pick up Dracula X Chronicles again for PSP and finally beat the Rondo of Blood remake with the good ending. :D

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