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Jun 2004
I just started getting into this series recently, picking up volume 1 of the manga on impulse after hearing people say it was pretty good. Now I'm quite addicted. It is indeed very awesome. So far I've read the first 6 volumes of the manga, and watched the first two anime episodes.

The awesome news is that Funimation picked up the anime license, so the anime of it should be coming out here soon as well. I can't wait! I wonder who they will get to voice Clare. ^_^
Jun 2004
Well, even if they do censor it, there's always the fan-subs to watch.

I got up to volume 12 of the manga. I think that's all there is in the US so far. I might have to read the other chapters online.
Jun 2004
GamingMaiden said:
Hmm...might just have to check this out.
Have you checked it out yet? I highly recommend Claymore. ^_^ Volumes 1-12 of the manga are available in the US already, or you can read it here.

Claymore actually reminds me a little of Bleach, except with a mostly female cast. You have one character who is the main character, but at the same time there's a bunch of really cool supporting characters, and you get interested in their stories as well as that of the main character.
Jun 2004
Claymore had a 26 episode run, so collecting that will be easier than Bleach, since Bleach is still ongoing. :)

Honestly, I would say that I prefer Claymore over Bleach, but Claymore's main character is a female, and most of the cast is female, so I know I'm biased on that. Ichigo is cool and all, but I wish some of the cool female Bleach characters would get more screen time (especially Yoruichi and Rukia).
I finished volume 4 halfway through my lunch break, then spent the second half of my lunch staring into space. I should start bringing 2 volumes when I eat at the store. :p
Jun 2004
Yes! More converts for the Army of Teresa!

Err, I mean Claymore. XD!

I'm really excited for the anime finally coming out. But I'm curious as to who is going to be cast for the English dub. I'm not overly familiar with Funimation's in-house voice actors, other than the cast of Fullmetal Alchemist.

I'll probably just watch it in Japanese with subtitles. :lol
To be honest, I am afraid of Funimation's censoring. I'm going to start the anime later today. I can't imagine how much red the anime will have now. >_<

I got up to volume 7 now. It's getting so good now.
I finished 5 last night and I might have time to get through 6 before I go in to work. Maybe. We'll see. ^_^

God it's so awesome. Very very gory but so cool.

Kind of sad about Priscilla - I didn't see that coming. I liked her. This manga makes me afraid to get attached to any of the characters. ><

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