Sega Genesis Comix Zone!!

I've had this game for a long while, and a few nights ago I stuck it in the Genny for the first time and went a few rounds. I gotta say this is a fun game!! I didn't play very long as my son wanted to play Earthworm Jim.

Anyone ever play this classic gem??
Comix Zone rocks, but it's insanely difficult I have to say, the last battle is intense. Personally one of my favorite gems. Everyday after work, we always quote Comix Zone by saying to each other..."SEE YA!!!!!!!!!"
Quick question for the Sega faithful: Are there any power ups for your character on Comix Zone? My son plays it a lot, and although he's content with getting creamed about ten minutes into the game, I can't help but notice a lack of health regeneration...
There is a small bottle that he drinks from to regain health, they appear not so often. If you notice..if you hit cans or destroy an object, your health decreases slightly. Which is a big problem down the road. I admit, this game is extremely difficult.
I used to play Comix Zone when it was on Sega Channel a long time ago, but then I found the code to unlock this game on the Japanese release of Sonic Mega Collection on Gamecube 6 years ago, yes that was 2003 just a year before it was brought to Sonic Mega Collection Plus on PS2 and XBOX.
How? It was on Sonic Team's website (in Japanese) where I translated the codes along with unlocking The Ooze on the Japanese version's Sonic Mega Collection for the walkthrough site that all of us gamers know about.
Sadly I never beaten this game because I could not get past the 3rd Chapter, and I didn't have too much playtime with Comix Zone. :(
Comix Zone was mind blowing. The graphics, and game play were really awesome.

I just don't like how my health decrease for every hit made, even hitting enemies. Maybe that my imagination but how can I proceed if my health keep decreasing on every attack made!? If I hit an enemy I lose health and if the enemy hit me I still lose health, what the heck am I supposed to do?!

I think that little element really ruined the game for me. It just doesn't make sense to my little brain.

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