Sega Dreamcast Complete Dreamcast Collection?

Dec 2007
Hey guys! I am thinking about going for a complete dreamcast collection. Not sure if anyone else has tried or is trying, but if you have let me know how it is! Dreamcast was one of my favorite systems at the time of its release and it seems more tangible to complete this set Vs. genesis or playstation. Do you guys think this is worth going for? What less known games are worth trying to hunt down first?
Feb 2007
Kentucky, US
I love the Dreamcast and was totally disappointed in its demise. I have never considered going for a complete collection. I have sought out particular games though. I chased down a copy of Capcom vs. SNK at one point. Awesome game on the system.
Jul 2004
It'd probably be one of the easier sets to complete. There's only 247 US titles and nothing I can think of that'll ebay for over $100. Once you get Powerstone 2, Project Justice, Skies of Arcadia, and a few others, you'll be on to collecting cheap games.

I'm not a fighter fan so the dreamcast collection has limited upside for me personally. It does feature some great shooters and two of my most favorite rpgs (grandia 2 and skies of arcadia) but there's a whole lot of outdated sports games (the 2k series was great but is now nearing 2 decades old) and 3rd party games (a la tony hawk) that haven't stood the test of time, not to mention some light gun titles that need crt tvs to play.

With all that said, if I was attempting a complete collection the Dreamcast would be it. If you're limiting it to a US library and was patient (and a little lucky) I'd bet you could do it under $5,000. If everything had to be complete and perfect I'd bet you'll still come in under $10,000. Even if you average paying 25 per game that's around 6,800 bucks. If it's still possible to find things out in the wild you'll do a whole lot better. I've purchased 50 dreamcast games + games, controllers, etc. for under $100 at a yardsale before. One lucky grab like that is 20% of your collection.