Conker's Bad Fur Day

just wondering if anybody else loved this game as much as i did and still do. I ran across it the other day and started playing and had a blast with it. I never finished the game but it's still great. i never played the xbox version though, i heard it was not as good.
I loved this game one of the best games on the N64 that i played i love how there's the different multiplayer games like that one where your the squirrel refuges and you have to get in to this truck and then the other players are the bears they have to try and kill you before you get in to the truck they have to kill you a serten amount of times and then they win for the squirrels to win they have to get a serten amount of squirrels in to the truck.

The Dino one is awesome to hell i think i enjoyed all of them and the hole single player game it's a blast to play and there are zombies in the single player game you go to this haunted house and it's got zombie squirrels that bit has a dark feel to it and it's hard i think.

I dont know where my copy of it has gone to though :-\ i feel like playing it again as well now.
Bad Fur Day was easily one of the best N64 games made, bar none. It was kinda lost in the hype for the then-imminent Gamecube, and the fact that Nintendo barely acknowledged the game due to its adult content.

If you can't find this, get the excellent remake for the Xbox. It is a very fun (and funny) game.
yes Boom$ickle it is

unfortunately i wasn't able to buy the game but my uncle did so every now and then i borrow it off him and play it for hours, i actually finished it for the first time a couple of weeks ago. ^_^


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NerdMeech_ said:
I used to have gaming parties on the weekend and play this game with friends when i had my N64..the replay value of this game is crazy!
Do you still have the game parties?

Or did you sell your N64?

It would be cool to see N64 parties again :lol

†B†V† :hat
Bluevoodu said:
Do you still have the game parties?

Or did you sell your N64?

It would be cool to see N64 parties again :lol

†B†V† :hat
WHY would you sell an N64? haha. i've bought and sold at least ten of them. i actually bought one just yesterday with goldeneye and diddy kong racing. i'm hoping to keep this one and build my 64 collection back up! great system!

BTW Conker's bad fur day goes for $30 on ebay now!!
yea. i'm guessin he traded it in at gamestop or ebgames a couple of years ago? they screw people over big time. i remember a quote by a gamestop employee i read somewhere. it went something like.. "I hate seeing someone come in, we give them $4 for there game, and then put a sticker on it for $34.99 and sell it". haha
That game is full of win. Nothing like it in term of gameplay or story especially story. I mean the gore and sexual content in that game beat must games in the market today and that saying a lot. And unlike must of what we have now it is a welcomed feature that actually improved the game.

The Xbox version is no way worst. It is the same exact game with better graphics and few new and add dialogue (FEW!) and they changed the main weapon to include timing element but that's hardly a change you wouldn't be using it much anyway.

I enjoyed both versions. awesome game, wish they make more.

They made Conker Pocket Tale before it for the Game Boy Color. It is the complete opposite of bad for a day. Try it out if you are a Rare platform fan. Game plays and feels like a classic N64 Rare game which is awesome enough to warranty a play-through.

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