Countdown until I get my 3DS XL!

Glad I waited. I am now putting aside a little out of each pay check for a 3DS XL that will be purchased in mid October. My biggest problem is I don't like the colors. Don't like that color scheme. I would rather have a solid black or solid white. Who in the world do they get the advice from that we Americans would like that awful look. I will admit that it does have that retro 1950s feel. My hardest part will be deciding on watch color to choose.

I have already purchased my first game. Picked up a used copy of Ridge Racer locally. I am a fan of the series.
I have made a list of those games that I find an interest in,
Super Mario 3D Land
Super Mario Bros. 2
Kingdom Hearts
Mario Kart 7
Sonic Generations
Batman 2
Asphalt 3D
Super Monkey Ball
Super Street Fighter IV
Star Fox 64 3D
Lego Star Wars 3: Clone Wars
Kid Isarus
Tekken 3D Prime ED
Dead or Alive: Dimensions
Epic Mickey
Animal Crossing 3D
Lego Lord of the Rings
Rayman Origins
Tales of the Abyss
Centipede: Infestation
Dream Trigger 3D
BlazBlue Continuum Shift II
Spiderman Edge of Time
Mahjong Cub3D
Bust-A-Move Universe
Samurai Warriors Chronicles
Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions
Nano Assault

After I get the 3DS XL, my quest will begin. :D
Jun 2004
Nice. I got my hands on a 3DS XL and I kind of wish I had waited to get one.

On the other hand, I like to take my 3DS to cons and most of my cosplay doesn't have pockets big enough for a regular 3DS, much less a 3DS XL. Besides that, my 3DS is purple! <3

If they ever release a purple XL, though, I might be persuaded to get one.
Got it! ;D
Been messing with it the last couple of days. I am able to use the 3D feature but it is not the main attraction for me. There is one game in which I couldn't use this feature because my eyes just would not stay crossed. :lol Had to turn it off. I have the impression that the 3DS is one powerful little system, worth every penny. Can't wait for those games that will blow me away.
I am thinking that it is very difficult to actually stay in that sweet spot that allows you to see that 3D effectively. So it stays off. No big deal. I like the fact that I can record video, but I really miss the photo distortion feature that is on the DSi. :mad:
Netflix streams very well over this even though I doubt I would be watching anything that way. Good to know.
Jun 2004
Yeah, I haven't actually played any games yet where the 3D is really required. It does enhance things but it doesn't make the games unplayable to have the 3D turned off.

I'm wondering if Paper Mario will be the first game where you need 3D? It seems really geared towards using all of the features of the 3DS. I guess I'll see when it comes out next month. :D
I have been vacationing all week using the 3DS. I was unprepared today for, when I turned my DSi XL on and saw how primitive the interface, and some other things, seems now. *jolt* That was totally unexpected.

I had to get inchworm animation from the eshop today. I don't remember seeing that for the DSi. But it is there for the 3DS too. Amazing little animation program.

Paper Mario will have to be one of those games that I pick up too. It will be interesting.
Yes I am. But seemingly it has found "a place" in my buffet of portables. I keep Animal Crossing New Leaf or Donkey Kong Country in mine. I have some games I have purchased on the online shop too. But it is not my main squeeze. I had my GB Pocket out earlier in the week. I go out with my DSi in one of my pockets loaded with Space Invaders extreme, always. Last week I had my Swan Crystal & Neo Pocket Color out playing. Presently I have my Sony PSP out attempting to play through Final Fantasy one, which I just received this week. Found both the Final Fantasy 1 &2, plus Final Fantasy IV all for under $20 on ebay, complete. Surprisingly great condition.

Using the 3DS I have never been able to play a game with the 3D turned on. So it has been like a more powerful DSi for me. I have turned on the 3D occasionally just to see what something looks like, then turned it back off. In certain ways I do prefer it over my DSi XL. But that is by a very slim margin.

I have never had a portable that has completely taken me away from everything. Except for that first "pea green" screen GB. The GB Pocket wiped it out. I still search and purchase games for everything.

I guess I play the field when it comes to handheld gaming. :lol

I have found myself wanting the New 3DS. It needs a good sale, or price drop. The Nintendo Switch just might solve that dilemma.
Jun 2004
I am teetering on buying a 3DSXL myself.

I have a DS Lite with a handful of games. Replaying those games, particularly Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin, on a slightly larger screen sounds great!

The remake of Yoshi's Island for 3D is really something that I want to revisit as well.

Zelda: Link Between Worlds has piqued my interest as a new twist on Link to the Past.

I really need to ask about the virtual console/downloadable games though. Are there any opinions on downloading the old SNES library games to the 3DSXL? How smoothly did the games port? I would really like to see how Super Metroid and Super Castlevania IV play on the 3DSXL. Is that functionality as good as I am hoping?
Ports from the Virtual Console in general are darker than they originally were. The theory is Nintendo did this to reduce the possibility of causing seizures. Besides that, they're basically the same games you played. The sound might be a little off too but it's hard to notice unless you're doing side by side comparisons and it doesn't affect all games.
Jun 2004
I do like the tilt screen of the 3ds (like the GBA/SP and DS lite before it).

I am not sure on the 3d features. The 2ds is certainly cheaper. Can it handle the SNES ports?

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