Countdown until I get my 3DS XL!


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Jun 2004
Whoa, you are on it! The clamshell "new" 2dsxl was literally released like just now (7/28/17). There are still some sites that have it listed as preorder!

Between the new 3dsxl and the new 2dsxl, it looks like the only real differentiating feature is the 3d along with the color scheme. Anyone here think the 3dsxl's face tracking feature improves the 3d enough to make it usable, or is it better to pass on it?
Feb 2007
Kentucky, US
Okay, I got a 2ds xl from ebay. Looks brand new in the box. I am saying from the looks of it, hardly ever used, if ever. $129 to my door, with everything, plus IQ shield glass protective screen already installed, FASTSNAIL comfort hand grip, and 3x TAKECASE extra large stylus pens. I am going to put this in a drawer and wait a couple of weeks. At that time I have planned on taking about ten days off which I am going to lean back and bury myself into this console. Got Code of Princess, Braverly Second: End Layer, Tales of the Abyss, Heroes of Ruin, and Code name Steam. Like I said, I am going to bury myself. I am restraining myself barely from opening the box. I had my Daughter to test it out for me, so that I would know if everything was good. When I take off from work I want it to be a new experience and I want to be in a "review mental state." I might blog a review. :D