Create a Vivid Mental Image of Your Success

Prioritize. Make tough choices. Be selective. These are Yantra Manifestation some heavy things that leaders often do. However, this approach can create a real tendency at times for leaders to get locked into a pattern of exclusion. When most people think of priorities, they think of "this or that". They think about which choice they will make, and what will go undone.

While this is a great practice and requires the skill of discernment, it can become, like anything else, an overused approach to leadership. Real leadership is always considering how our thoughts engage other people, and how we create a consciousness for success among groups of people. The other way to think of these things is in an "and" world. How do I create more market share AND drive down costs? This is at one level. However, I think that all of us need to be considering some far more important "And" questions.

I once worked with the CEO of an environmental science group. He made the statement that "We would like to be able to make all the power we want AND have healthy fish populations". That really stuck with me. I think about that often. How do we have plenty of energy AND a clean planet for future generations? How do we create solid, healthy communities AND create global awareness? How do we create lives that enjoy the abundance of this earth AND preserve it for future generations?

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