Crypto Collectible: Good or Bad?

May 2012
Hello Everyone,

I recently read an article about Crypto Collectibles, and I was wondering if anyone here dabbles into it. Is it a good investment? or just a waste of my hard earned moolah

What is Crypto Collectibles you ask? Well, It's an offshoot from Crypto currency (you know bitcoins, ethereum...etc.) but this time filled with Gaming parts of collecting, breeding, and battling other animals (just like collecting a pokemon monster), all using blockchain Technology.

Some of these collectibles ranges from Kitties (CryptoKitties), Puppies (CryptoPuppies), Pets (Bitpets) and even monsters (world of Ether). But that is not all, some creative developers have started using mainstream celebrities and other items too.

But the good part of this collection is, you get to earn Virtual Cash (when you sell your collected pets to another buyer) which you can also use to purchased other items.

Let me know what you think about it ^_^
May 2012

- Mobile web is done
- Commission display bug has now been fixed
- Display pets sold in Marketplace

Continue to collect these awesome BitPets!

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May 2012
Good news everyone,

Bitpet will release more Digital Rabbits designs for you to enjoy

Who knows, the next design that you draw could be a "pirate king" :D
May 2012

New Updates from the patch last March 16, 2018

- Mobile/Web Optimization
- Watch the bitpet sold
- Name the bitpet
- 1 accessory, 9 new parts
- Other bug and minor changes

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