Cryptocurrency games

May 2012
Hi guys, I just discovered a new game where you use cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoins (BTC) and Etherium (ETH) to purchase these cute animal sprites and use them to buy, sell, trade, play mini-games, put up for auction, etc.
Is it worth it, though? Is it good/bad? Really curious and I find the whole concept unique.

Oh, and the game is Bitpet for those wondering. Here is the link if it's okay to post.
Feb 2013
May I ask what is your opinion on cryptocurrency on games, in general?
I saw some games where you invest cryptocurrencies in like World of Ether and Bitpet. I never thought those type of games would exist, I think it's smart from the game developers to take advantage of the cryptocurrency hype.
Do gamers who invest in Cryptocurrencies really take those kind of games into consideration?