Does anyone have this game?

It can be repetitive (like Animal Crossing), but it has a real funny purposefully cheesy sense of humor. It is mostly a fighting game. I love the classical piano music! I am pretty far into the game and I just love it!

Anyone else have it?

I should post a list of all my gamecube games somewhere. I have like 37, I believe.


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jyeah.... you should have done a search on it :) I got this game a long time ago... it was pretty hard to find.

Now, it's not AS hard to find, but it's still can be hard to find... even though Ebay has a bunch of them.

This game is very unique... not much like it... and a little on the strange side :lol But it was some decent fun. Oddly enough, I haven't played it in a long time, nor beat the game.

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I didn't have my old cubivore game anymore, but I just got it again for xmas cuz I missed it so much so my husband bought it for me for xmas. The game seems to be worth quite a bit now. It is so fun. My husband was playing it a bunch, so I am glad he got included in on the fun. :)