Jun 2004
I finally picked up Destiny for the Xbox 360. It seemed impressive and solid the first few hours. Eventually, the enemies constantly respawning started to get a bit tedious. The loot system reminds me of Diablo or even Borderlands where you look over so many pieces of equipment to upgrade to something one or two points better than the gear you previously had.

I have not gotten into the Crucible yet, which I hear is more heavily reminiscent of Halo, but after one night, I am not as impressed as I had hoped to be.
Jun 2004
I never really picked up an interest in it. I have friends that play it regularly but one said it's because they feel like they have to. I'm not sure if they actually enjoy it or not.
I've started to get that feeling with a lot of the multiplayer fps games as of late. Call of Duty, Halo, Destiny, Titanfall. All are very playable but it feels like fps has lost its soul. Early Halo (and mid call of duty) specifically, were games I WANTED to play. It was no problem getting on whenever and finding at least a few of my friends on. Everyone wanted to get on, wanted to play for hours, and played for at least a year. Now I got enough of Titanfall on the 3 day free play on origin and had a hard time finding people who wanted to play. Destiny was a rental that I had no problem giving up shortly after it came in, and Halo being an xbox one only title I'll probably never get. Is it my age, a AAA market just trying to pump something out, or just a fad on the way out?
Jun 2004
I downloaded Titanfall, but have not played the three day trial yet.

I tried to log into Destiny on Thursday night and was notified that I have to buy more Xbox live Gold to play it.
I tend to stay away from pure online multiplayer games. I did buy Titanfall, but that was because it was $5. I tried it out and it seemed okay, but definitely not my cup of tea.

Destiny just doesn't appeal to me, even if it had a singleplayer story mode. Just because it's the creators of Halo doesn't mean that it's guaranteed to turn out amazing. And it looks like a lot of people feel it's just "okay."
May 2004
I was pretty angry...I bought Destiny to play co-op with some friends. The one major problem I had was the 3-player co-op. Really? Couldn't do four? I had four friends that wanted to play together and we had to alternate who played with who.

Anyway, we had played about 10 hours of the game and it was starting to get repetitive but we'd hoped it was going to get better. I left town for about 3 days, and by the time I had come back, my friends had "finished" the game and were done playing it. So I haven't played it since the first 10 hours.

Regarding, SpartanEvolved, and Bluevoodu all play Titanfall on the PC. I would suggest getting the PC version if ya'll are gonna get it. :)
Is origin even still a thing?

I've not had it on my computer since titanfall was brand new and you could play one weekend for free.

I think I had problems with it and complained about it a lot.

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