Did anyone here buy a PSP Go?

Mai Valentine

Forum Staff
Jun 2004
I actually really liked the design of the PSP Go. If not for the fact that there was no way to put my already owned UMDs on it, I might have gotten one. But they never really came up with a solution so I never got a PSP Go.


Forum Staff
Oct 2004
Los Angeles, CA
I got one and enjoyed it. Much better looking screen than the regular PSPs. I just don't go on PSN much anymore, so I haven't gotten too many games for it. Not to mention I have a PSP3000 and I'd rather have a UMD if it's available.
Mar 2007
I bought a PSP-2000 but the UMD slot was removed. All in all, I don't mind downloading my games straight off PSN. I got a 32GB stick for $20 from a guy on our local "craigslist". So, I guess it's kinda like a PSP-Go? :lol
Feb 2007
Kentucky, US
Being that I live in what is considered a small town, shelf space is very tight in local stores. I only actually saw one at a Kmart. Stayed there like forever. Not sure what happened to it. :lol Maybe they sold it.

I never was interested in one due to it not having a tangible medium for games. I had no way of downloading anything for it with dial-up Internet service. :)

And I do still play my PSP 1000, presently involved in Star Ocean: First Departure.
Jan 2005
Waco, TX
I had a PSPGo a year ago. It's solid, but many of the classics I loved I could never find for digital download at the time. My favorite feature is it has built-in bluetooth so you can connect a PS3 Controller and a Bluetooth headset to it.