Digital re-releases deal damage to Collection's values

Jan 2005
Waco, TX

Who doesn't love it when golden oldies get a re-release over the PlayStation Network or Virtual Console? Game collector, that's who. MTV Multiplayer examined collectible game values and saw many nosediving after getting a reboot on the current generation.

Some highlights or lowlights - really, you should go see the whole thing - Marvel vs. Capcom 2 bottomed out after releasing to Xbox Live Arcade and PSN this year. After reaching highs of $109.99 (PlayStation 2) and $91.99 (Xbox), they slumped to $43 and $30 respectively after the title went out online. Ouch.

The games get a dead-cat bounce but prospects for a recovery beyond that aren't good, if Castlevania is any indication. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night in its PSOne form hit $50.75 in December 2006. The next year, the game was released on XBLA and PSN, dropping the hard copy value to $19.99. It's recovered slightly to $27.12, but that's just a little over half its pre-re-release (say that three times fast) high.

MTV Multiplayer did its analysis according to Really, though, take a look for yourself. They covered much more than those two titles above, and offer tips for the safest investments unlikely to be undercut by re-releases.

Sad but true.


Jun 2004
They talk like this is a bad thing!? I personally think it's awesome. I can't tell you how many times I have passed up on classic games because some joker went and jacked the price way up. If this lets more people experience classic games than that is great. Now, I understand it might hurt those trying to make $ off older/rarer games, but honestly, this just prevents them from jacking the price up to ridiculous levels.
Jul 2009
Heh, I love it! I remember picking up MvC2 for Dreamcast for $30 shortly after it was announced for PS3 and 360.
Only real expensive games I own are Snatcher, Suikoden II, Trigger Heart Excelica(although that's taken a hit since the PS2 and 360 re-releases) and Under Defeat but re-releases don't bother me since there are ways of playing those games without paying for them. :p

Hoping Radiant Silvergun is re-released soon. Might just crack and buy a copy before that happens though :lol
Dec 2007
I don't collect things to be concerned with their monetary value. I collect them to enjoy them as they were meant to. Anyone that collects something simply to collect it for profit is not an enthusiast in my opinion.

To me, this is great news!