Sega Master System Do you know this Master System game?

Jun 2004
I remeber buying a Sega Master System just before my early teens. It was going cheap because the Genesis was in it's prime at this tme, and I only had it for a couple of years. My favourite game without doubt was this racing/shooting game where you control either a motorbike or a car (not sure) to begin with, then later on you transform into some flying thing and have to shoot things in the sky. That description may not be perfect, but it was yearssss ago.

Any know what game i'm talking about?


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May 2004
um.... silpheed?

road blasters? This seems to be more of what you are talking about
This is a "behind the car" racer in which you have a gun on top... an aircraft flies weapons to you overhead, I believe you can fly here and there..... and you have to shoot the cars (in front of you) out of the way

something like those?