Doom 3

Hinesmdc said:
Again, they did what they could to make the game affordable, or more so a PC that could play it at the time affordable.
All Im saying is that most of the time you were in shadows it couldve looked a whole look nicer and still be affordable
Fr0dus Maximus said:
Even on the PC it was the same.
Actually, the game looks a bit better on the PC.

All in all, the game is a better experience on the PC. I liked the Xbox port though.
Hinesmdc said:
My uncle has it, but I could never get into it. Overly complicated, IMO. I could never figure out where to go.
Yeah, it had it's times where you just want to slam the controller. Like when you have to find PDA's that are in near impossible spots that you would never think of. Other than the ocassional stumper, it was a great experience overall. You should check out the expansion pack, Ressurection of Evil.
I ended up playing this again. I love this game so much. But I have the Collector's edition! It has Ultimate Doom and Doom 2 and G4 Game Icon's episode with id software. Really awesome stuff. :D

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