Doom 3

Most games I play are split screen... I think the only game I've ever owned that didn't was GTA: San Andreas, DANG that made it impossible to defend against a 6 star wanted level... can't even use a sniper rifle or target with rocket launcher.
GamingMaiden said:
I hate Doom 3 not being split screen. I wish more games nowadays were split screen.... :( Online play just...costs way more than getting another controller or something. :lol
These days, isn't the cost of a controller the same as a yearly subscription I think?

@You should really find "Stubbs the Zombie" awesome splitscreen action for an original Xbox title.
Jun 2004
Doom 3 is one of the few games that has made me jump. I know there were complaints about play control, mostly not being able to use a flashlight constantly. But, wow, the game has intensity.

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