Double Dragon remake for iphone!

Jan 2005
Waco, TX
We want to be happy about the fact that Aksys Games is publishing a new remake of the classic Double Dragon -- because we like Double Dragon -- but a couple of complications have us a bit worried. First, it's being developed not by Million -- the company built from the original Technos team that made Double Dragon -- but by mobile game developer Brizo Interactive.

Second, and most troubling ... it's an iPhone game. Aksys promises an "easy-to-use on-screen controller and combo system," but we're justifiably wary of any kind of beat-em-up port for iPhone -- especially since the "controller" looks a lot like a regular old virtual pad and buttons in the screenshots. Still, we like the Neo Geo-esque visual makeover.

We'll find out if this remake Double Dragon is good or Abobo-minable when it comes out in March.

AKSYS is doing the remake!? OH WOW. O.O
Jul 2009
I lost all interest when I read it was not going to be by Million.

Also isn't Aksys just a publisher? They did publish the Kunio games for DS so not surprising