Dungeon Fighter Online have opened beta on 24 Marth

Jun 2012

Korean developer Neople (a studio under Nexon) is opening up a Global English service for Dungeon Fighter Online, and the Open Beta part 1 is currently live (Universal Standard Time ). This version of DFO will be updated to the previous Metastatis expansion while including the following classes:

Male Slayer
Male Fighter
Female Fighter
Male Gunner
Female Gunner
Male Mage
Female Mage
Dark Knight

Classes such as Female Slayer and Knight will not be available during open beta.

Users that have participated in the previous Dungeon Fighter Online Global Alpha Test will be able to retrieve their previous characters from where they left off by using the appointed Facebook login during OBT launch. All character levels will be retained, but all items including avatar sets will be removed from player’s accounts and will be given a care package appropriate to their character’s levels.

For more info, visit http://www.dfoneople.com/