EGA's "Virtual Console" buyer's guide (North American list)

Jan 2005
Waco, TX
So you got a Wii? You heard about the awesome Virtual Console feature? Good. Yet what game should YOU, the consumer, should purchase?

Well thanks to my experience and many others on this forum. I'm going to tell you which titles rock and which you should stay away from. Let's begin.

NES (regular Nintendo)

Donkey Kong (if you have a granny or mother who loved this game get it.)

Legend of Zelda (You know you want it, but if you have it on Cube's collection or GBA, pass)

Mario Bros. (Arcade Nostaglia at it's best)

Pinball (No)

Soccer (No)

Solomon's Key (Sweet Tecmo Arcade goodness)

Wario's Woods (Excellent Puzzle Game surprisly, and actually better than the SNES edition)

Donkey Kong Jr. (if you have a granny or mother who loved this game get it, otherwise no)

Ice Hockey (No)

Tennis (Yes! I played this one to death on Animal Crossing and the Nintendo E-Reader)

Super Mario Bros. (Yes!)

Baseball (No, everyone knows RBI Baseball and Baseball All-Stars on NES was superior)

Urban Champion (GOD NO! :lol)

Gradius (If you remember it, get it, but if you have a PSP, get the Gradius Collection)

Xevious (No, this shooter sucked on NES, much better on Namco Museum)

Ice Climber (Nintendo fans, this is your call, the game was good.)

Kid Icarus (YES! Any hardcore fan of Gunpei Yokoi's work, needs this game! Metroid's daddy!)


Legend of Kage (God no, horrible NES port, the PSP Taito Legends recieved the better edition)

Elevator Action (This game rocks, hands down, but Taito Legends 2 or the PSP game has this as well)

Tecmo Bowl (Good, but not as awesome as SUPER Tecmo Bowl the legend)

Excitebike (Okay if you have a brother or boyfriend who LOVED this game, get it, otherwise, no)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (600 Wii Points) (Higher price, but such a sweet game)

Galaga (God no, the NES edition is doodoo, the Xbox Live Arcade edition rocks the house and the Namco Museum editions too)

Punch-Out!! (Yes, if you can't find the cart, please get it. Sadly no Mike Tyson :()

Castlevania (Look into my EYES! I control you to BUY DIS GAME!)

Mighty Bomb Jack (Tecmo's signature Arcade classic)

Ninja Gaiden (Yes, this game maybe evil and hard, but it's so good)

Pac-Man (NO! Stay away from this Nintendo liscensed edition of Pac-Man, unless your granny demands it)

Milon's Secret Castle (Sweetness from Hudson Soft)

Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (Okay, this is a so-so verdict, yes it's Zelda, but be prepared for an entire new look and feel)

Lode Runner (If you know Elevator Action, then give this a try)

NES Open Tournament Golf (No, unless your Dad remembers this golf game)

Super Mario Bros. 2 (Oh yeah, total okay purchase)

Mach Rider (A few people loved this NES Launch title, so maybe)

Yoshi (I loved this puzzle game, it's not too bad :))

Balloon Fight (If you always wanted to know where some famous NES music came from, this is it, other wise, NO)

Star Soldier (Awesome shooter, but it's WAY better on TurboGrafx 16's SUPER Star Soldier)

Adventures of Lolo (Awesome HAL Lab early title, it's a maze-game/puzzler, but so classic, so YES)

Metroid (Do I need a reason? YES!)

Super C (It's Contra dude, come on...COME ON! get it!)

Adventure Island (Yes this game is HARD and evil, but it's not worth the price)

Donkey Kong Jr. Math (LORD no lol)

NES Play Action Football (Stay away from this)

Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels (600 Wii Points) (Okay this is worth the price because it's a Japanese import, but BE warned, this is the hardest Mario game in the history of man kind)

Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos (Amazing sequel, still hard as cuss, but GET IT)

Lunar Pool (Stay away from this)

Ninja JaJaMaru-kun (This is another import, but GOD it sucks, get away from it!)

Castlevania II: Simon's Quest (Okay I'm doing this for Mai, but this game rocks your socks off, however, it's very bizarre and confusing if you've never played it and you can get lost easily. So I will say YES)

Super Mario Bros. 3 (Oh come on, do I need a reason? YES! Go get it!)

Volleyball (NO!)

Wrecking Crew (Sweet game, rememberable music and a Mario cameo)

Double Dribble (YES! Finest Basketball game KONAMI ever created)

Zanac (Interesting Shooter, but pretty average)

Ghosts 'n Goblins (Oh dude, this game is so hard, but so good!)

Blades of Steel (Classic Konami Hockey game that will never be forgotten)

Bubble Bobble (Get out of this thread if you don't know how glorious this game)

StarTropics (One of the finest RPG's from the NES)

Adventures of Lolo 2 (Yes! The sequel is so amazingly good)

Operation Wolf (No! No Wii Zapper compatible!)

Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient Ship of Doom (The Trilogy is complete)

Spelunker (I think everyone is this forum has no clue what this game we will ignore it)

King's Knight (square-enix NES RPG! Finally! Yet this game is horrid...I wish they would wake up and release good stuff)

Bases Loaded (Such a classic NES Baseball game, but RBI Baseball is where it was at!)

Yoshi's Cookie (Nice little puzzle game featuring our lovable YOSHI for a second time! It's pretty decent)

River City Ransom (If you do not own this badboy, you are gonna get beat, easily Technos pride and joy of an RPG/Brawler)

DOUBLE DRAGON (I'm goin' Machine Gun Willie on you, if you can't have this one. NES Edition was tough as nails)

Renegade (Downright AMAZING brawler, but the controls can get confusing, if you face left or right, they switch)

Sky Kid (Pretty a lovable plane shooter by Sunsoft. Not fantastic, but a good time killer)

City Connection (Weird racing platformer title, feels like DataEast Bump N' Jump if it met MappyLand)

Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa (Import from KONAMI that let's you play as a little baby that knows how to kick butt, kind of similar to Little Nemo's Dream Master)

Dig Dug (Import) (Surprisingly, the original Dig Dug NES never came to America, we got part 2 instead and now we're being charged 600 points for it? Sadness! Pass)

Donkey Kong 3 (The final and most oddball sequel to the beloved Nintendo classic that started an empire. You play as Stanely the Bugman and not Mario. Pass, unless you LOVE Donkey Kong)

MEGA MAN (Okay, even my name says it, but this is MegaMan 1 we're talking about, still one of the hardest games in our history. You want it? Of course you do, but can you endure the challenge? I hope so.)

Clu Clu Land (The only time we were familiar with this character, was a Smash Bros Melee trophy. Poor Clu Clu, was an original NES release when the system launched back in 85'. Also, in the original Animal Crossing on GameCube, he was given a 2nd chance. Worth it? Not quite, but I feel so bad for this mascot)

MEGA MAN 2 (In the year 20XX....If you don't know this game or don't even own it or have played it, I will so smack you....get this game)

Super Dodge Ball (What can i say? this game rocked the house! From the makers of Technos River City Ransom, comes a solid sports title!)

MEGA MAN 3 (*gives you all a dirty look* You know what I'm going to say...The story behind the mysterious Proto Man is worth it for this sequel)

Zoda's Revenge: StarTropics II (Perhaps one of the most epic sequels on the NES. A must have!)

Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse (Iga of CastleVania fame dubs this his most favorite CastleVania game ever. Offers a valid challenge as well)

Life Force (KONAMI shooter fans will know this beauty, as for new comers, if you loved Gradius. Please buy this.)

Crash 'n the Boys: Street Challenge (Never played it, but TECHNOS made this interesting Olympic-like game much like their Super Dodgeball, River City Ransom, Double Dragon, etc. Fun fact: It's a name of a band in the Scott Pilgrim comics.)

Final Fantasy (Do you really want a great challenge compared to the re-releases? Buy it)

A Boy and His Blob: Trouble on Blobolonia (A definite sleeper hit! The game is unique, but one of a kind)

Blaster Master (If you don't have this, hit yourself over the head with a tac hammer. The game that MADE Sunsoft)

Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom (Fantastic RPG by Hudson Soft and honestly a real gem)

MEGA MAN 4 (Black sheep of the series, short compared to three, and in my honest opinion a solid soundtrack. A must for fans)

Shadow of the Ninja (Natsume's answer to Ninja Gaiden and Strider. Really impressive NES game)

Ufouria: The Saga (An import game that was never released officially in America, just Europe, Australia, and Japan. This particular VC game is at 600 points instead of 500. The game play is quite astounding from what I have heard, it was home brewed into a real cart in the recent years of this decade but it's considered quite a collector's item.)

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Jan 2005
Waco, TX
F-Zero (This game rocks, hard, superb soundtrack, and FALCON PUNCH!!!)

SimCity (This classic is so fun, but a good time consumer, so I will say YES)

Street Fighter II: The World Warrior (No, because there's a better one added already)

Super Castlevania IV (God yes, this was the soul purpose to own a SNES in my day)

R-Type III: The Third Lightning (I love R-Type, but don't say I didn't warn you)

Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (YES, if you want to be cool, you gotta BUY da LttP)

Contra III: The Alien Wars (....dude....DUDE...come on..YES totally!)

Super Mario World (A worthy purchase by far)

Donkey Kong Country (Oh yeah, no doubt, the one and only that made you want a Super NES during Christmas of 1994)

Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts (Yes, I swear up and down by this fine Capcom game.)

Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV: Wall of Fire (hardcore Strat-RPG players will remember this)

Gradius III (Gradius fans, please, but the slow down is bad when too many enemies appear)

Legend of the Mystical NinjaThe Legend of the Mystical Ninja (Fun fun game, Konami did a sweet job on this platformer, so yes)

Final Fight (NO! Guy from the Final Fight series is missing from this SNES port, I recommend the Capcom Classics on PSP, PS2 or Xbox 1)

Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest (Yes, this was a sweet little sequel)

ActRaiser (Oh yeah, Enix's finest and earliest SNES RPG)

Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting (Yes and this is why I said NO to SF2 World Warrior, because this is better and faster)

Kirby's Dream Course (It's decent, but not what you would think.)

Super Metroid (You better get this game or I'm not speaking to you for a week!)

Breath of Fire II (Okay this is a SOLID purchase for RPG lovers, because $8 Vs. the REAL price of the cart is always a winner)

Kirby's Avalanche (Kirby's finer puzzle game.)

Metal Marines (Interesting game, it plays like Command & Conquer meets Sim City. So I will say yes if you love RTS)

Axelay (This is a KONAMI space shooter, like Gradius, you'll love it)

Vegas Stakes (Okay if you got a granny or mother who loves poker games, then get it. Otherwise, no)

Cybernator (Konami's Mech Platformer, now I'm a fan of Irem's METAL STORM, and by GOD it is such a sweet game along the lines of this PLEASE get it..)

Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! (YES! The trilogy is complete)

Pac-Attack (Good puzzler, decent, but you'll want Tetris badly)

Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers (Yeah, a must buy for any SF fan)

Harvest Moon (The price you pay for the real cart, makes this a steal, get it)

Super Turrican (Many hold a special place for this game, so please get it)

DoReMi Fantasy: Milon's DokiDoki Adventure (900 Wii Points) (YES! This little game is secretly a superb platforming gem that was lost in the cracks of time. If you love Donkey Kong Country or Kirby Super Star. PLEASE buy this game! The soundtrack, gameplay, the anime cut-scene intro, and adorable characters are worth the price of this game. Hudson Soft put alot of love into this game)

Super R-Type (Thanks to Redrum, I actually have better apperication for this game, since it's really an updated edition of R-Type 2 with a few levels from the first)

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars (If Nintendo and Square-Enix had a baby, this was it. My god, what a gorgeous kid it turned out to be! GET THIS GAME)

Super Turrican 2 (Hardcore gamers will love this, Metal Slug & Contra's step-brother has entered the room. This game screams, "MICHEAL BAY EXPLOSIONS!" and you will get those. Another rockin' title)

SECRET OF MANA (OH dear lord, I wrote an essay about this game when I was in 8th grade and got an A+. This is Mega's all time favorite RPG and if you don't have it, I HAVE NO SON OR DAUGHTER!!!!!!!!!)

Space Invaders: THE ORIGINAL GAME! (How original, is original to put into a title screen? Well the plus side to this, we don't have a Space Invaders on the VC until this showed up, so you're granny's and mommy's and daddy's will adore this.)

Kirby's Dream Land 3 (Kirby fans need not to fear the awesomeness and legacy of Kirby! Yet everyone knew Kirby Superstar was far superior, yet always a great addition to your VC collection!)

Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen ($8 versus $65 for an actual cart? You be the judge my friend, this game still rocks and doesn't have the ungodly load times of the PS1 re-release special edition)

Super PUNCH-OUT!! (This particular game came out during a great time in the SNES's history of 1994. I will say, it's a bit unfair compared to the legendary NES classic. Yet fun regardless!)

Uncharted Waters: New Horizons (KOEI is never a stranger when it comes to Strat-RPG's and this game is actually quite rare in psychical form.)

Nobunaga's Ambition (A legendary series that started on NES made it's way to SNES thanks to KOEI again. Strat-RPG's at it's finest!)

Genghis Khan II: Clan of the Gray Wolf (KOEI strikes again with more Strat-RPG's with this sequel. Like the previous two mentioned, it is quite a challenge)

Super Star Wars (Lucas till you puke us! The first SNES Star Wars game came out with some of the richest sounds I have ever heard in my youth with gameplay and graphics so epic that it had to be a LUCAS production from your Super NES. Only downside, these games were extremely HARD. Yet still fun to play)

Super Empire Strikes Back (Same as above)

Super Return of the Jedi (Same as Above)

FINAL FIGHT 2 (Ah Capcom, you lovable company! A sequel that was only released on SNES for exclusive power hog feel! This game left Cody & Guy out, but Haggar returns with two new comers MAKI and CARLOS. Guy has been kidnapped and Cody has disappeared! Boss character, Rolento returns. This was one of the easiest Final Fight games I remember playing, but it was fun and short!)

Zombies Ate My Neighbors! (So Lucasarts strikes again, but this time with one of the most influential Zombie games of the SNES/Genesis era. 2 player co-op, over 55 levels of mayhem. Awesome weapons, great challenge, and KONAMI produced this legendary game. A must buy!)

Indiana Jones' Greatest Adventures (Lucas again!? Good lord, he's flooding the VC Store! Now the biggest beef I have about Indiana Jones games from SNES, NES, and Genesis? Insanely hard and makes the game less of an adventure when you can't jump over the snake. Sure Pitfall Harry can, but Indy can't? yeesh!)

Super Mario Kart (The game that started everything you wanted to know about Video game all-star cart racing in one package. Nintendo reigned supreme in this genre, even Sega tried to mimic it with Sonic Drift and even Konami with "Krazy Racers". Yet Nintendo perfected it like a pizza pie from New Jersey! Mama mia, this is a good game!)

The Combatribes (TECHNOS last and final brawler before they disappeared. It's just like Double Dragon except INSANELY HARD and god awful dialogue. I personally love this lone final hurrah of a great company, but dear God it's evilly difficult. Great way to spend a week!)

Street Fighter Alpha 2 (Yes there was a shockingly Super NES edition of the beloved Alpha series. One of a kind and quite different compared to the PSX and Sega Saturn ports. Many cool extras were removed to make room on the cart, the sound and BGM quality was butchered a tad, and honestly it held up. Except for the weirdest lag after the words "ROUND 1" appear. Seriously, youtube it. It's so weird.)

PILOTWINGS (Any hardcore Nintendo fan will tell you the glory this game brought to us with the beautiful Mode 7 graphics. Some people think the game hasn't aged well, but that's a crock, sure it looks like a demo to test the graphic engine the Super NES has. But it's still playable!)

FINAL FIGHT 3 (Capcom's final chapter No really, a terrible fighting game was made on the Saturn in Japan and there was Final Fight Street Wise on the PS2/Xbox. This game however? Silliest storyline ever and you never find out what happens to the new guy at the end. HOWEVER! Guy and Haggar return, but Cody is missing and not even described to his whereabouts! Like they forgot he existed! Haggar has Steven Seagel's pony tail and Guy can shoot FIREBALLS now?? I'm really wondering if this was suppose to be a Street Fighter spin-off or a mistake. Verdict? Iffy)

GHOUL PATROL (The sequel to the beloved "ZOMBIES ATE MY NEIGHBORS!" by Lucasarts! Okay it's not as glorious as the original, but you still get the awesome fun of the original classic! I say go for it or stick with the first!)

Final Fantasy II (Aka Final Fantasy IV for people who bought the game later on any other platform besides the SNES basically. Buy it, you're a goober if you don't.)

Kirby Super Star (Okay, so you have an Nintendo DS, you have this game. You thought the VC was never going to get it? Well you're DEAD WRONG! In my honest opinion this was the Creme' de la creme' of Kirby games. Stop reading this unless you wish to continue reading and BUY THIS.)

Wild Guns (Natsume, you cheeky monkeys! If you ever heard of the Neo-Geo classic NAM-1975. It's pretty much a rail-on gun shooter in 2D and as for myself, being a HUGE fan of Konami's SUNSET RIDERS. I ADORE THIS to death! Only thing that would make this sweeter? Robots attacking in a Western? I'm sold.)

Aero the Acro-Bat (Cute little platformer/mascot from Sunsoft during Sunsoft's final games on the Genesis and SNES. It's not bad, there is a sequel which I hope they release. Reminds me of "Cool Spot" the 7up mascot in terms of gameplay. Fun, but not amazing. I'd say "maybe.")

Aero the Acro-Bat 2 (A sequel? Why yes! This game is not easy to come by these days, so if you want a quick download of it for 800 points. It's not too shabby and little improvements compared to the original)

FINAL FANTASY Mystic Quest (So many people trashed this poor little game. It was really an American made Final Fantasy game. Pretty much had an overseas treatment ala Super Mario 2. They called it, "Final Fantasy USA". Honestly, it's NOT THAT BAD! If you loved Sword of Mana from GBA or Final Fantasy Adventure from classic GameBoy. It's not bad! Just horrible it's nothing like we know and love. So I say, yes please give a chance!)

DARIUS TWIN (Alright, this game is insane to me. Yet our beloved GrindSpine here at EGA is a GOD among men when it comes to this gorgeous TAITO Space Shoot'em Up. If you love these games, please buy. Otherwise you will break a controller!)

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Jan 2005
Waco, TX
Sega Genesis:

Altered Beast (RISE FWOM YO GWAVE!!! YES!)

Sonic the Hedgehog (Heck yeah! Can't say no!)

Ecco the Dolphin (YES! The original was golden.)

Golden Axe (You know you want it, please get it.)

Columns (LOVE the BGM on this game)

Ristar (Solid platformer designed by SONIC TEAM! YES!)

Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine (aka Puyo Puyo, please get it.)

Gunstar Heroes (YES! The game that put Treasure on the map for the Sega Genesis)

Space Harrier II (I loved this sequel.)

ToeJam & Earl (Totally yes)

Bonanza Bros. (If you ever played Spy Vs. Spy on NES, this was really fun.)

Comix Zone (Awesome game! YES!)

Gain Ground (Strat-RPG for the Genesis, interesting battle mechanics.)

Streets of Rage (The one that started it all.)

Bio-Hazard Battle (Good shooter, but I keep losing interest in it)

Sword of Vermilion (Very average RPG.)

Sonic Spinball (I loved this one as well, please get it)

Beyond Oasis Sega (Zelda meets Secret of Evermore, actually, I would recommend giving this a shot, so YES)

Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle (Good launch title from Genesis. I just crave the SMS games)

Virtua Fighter 2 (Okay this isn't 3D, it's 2D, it has all the fighting moves from the real game. I loved it.)

Wonder Boy in Monster World (Solid dungeon crawler. Very Zelda 2 like game. so YES)

Streets of Rage 2 (YES! For the love of all that is awesome!)

Kid Chameleon (Challenging, I loved this one)

ToeJam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron (YES! Get your funk on!)

Golden Axe II (Awesome sequel. Yes)

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Finest game on Genesis? you better believe it.)

Ecco: The Tides of Time (NO! this sequel sucked)

Shining Force (YES! However, not as cool as it's sequel)

Dynamite Headdy (If you love TREASURE the company, this is one of their sweet gems)

Shining in the Darkness (No, not many fans liked this one)

Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master (YES! Superb sequel)

Ghouls 'n Ghosts (One of my favorites of the series, so please buy)

Landstalker: The Treasures of King Nole (YES!! this RPG rocks your socks off!)

Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (One of my favorite game soundtracks is in this game...get it...YES)

Super Thunder Blade (Sega's Arcade classic...always a good purchase.)

Streets of Rage 3 (Totally! A Hidden character is a Kangaroo! Sweetness!)

Golden Axe III (This is actually an import from Japan, it's sweet, so YES)

Alien Soldier (900 Wii Points) (Okay good news & bad news. Good news, this is a VERY expensive game, but yours for only $9! bad news, this game is a SUPER CHALLENGE, not for the weak! It's made by TREASURE! So it's superb!)

Sonic 3D Blast (Yes. I loved this port. Sure the Saturn edition is good, but nice soundtrack)

Ecco Jr. (interesting spin-off of the series)

Eternal Champions (Hell yeah! Sega's attempt on the Mortal Kombat trend days was superb!)

Alien Storm (Awesome Brawler, like Streets of Rage, but with ALIENS and Flamethrowers! please purchase)

Rolling Thunder 2 (You know how many Sega nuts loved this game? GET IT!)

Light Crusader (Treasure, made this game...for the LOVE of everything they do...BUY THIS..solid RPG)

Columns III: Revenge of Columns (YES! Four player puzzle game! What more can you ask for?)

Phantasy Star II (YES! Finest RPG on Genesis next to Shining Force 2)

Puyo Puyo 2 (900 Wii Points) (The Sequel to Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine, originally called Puyo Puyo, so please purchase)

Powerball (Futuristic Soccer with football elements with an awesome Anime style intro. However, this game is a real lackluster)

Mega Turrican (You know that phrase from the old old Genesis TV ads? GENESIS DOES, WHAT NINTENDON'T? Basically, this is when Sega wanted to do everything Nintendo did and did it with flying colors! A must have, if you loved Super Turrican SNES!)

Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom (Legally the black sheep of the Phantasy Star series, but some people like it. Reason why, this was made by an entirely different development team, not the dudes who made PS1, 2, or 4. Worth it? MAYBE)

Gley Lancer (IMPORT) (900 points) - (Anime style shooter, that's FAST AND SWEET. If you love games like Thunderforce, this is right up your ally)

Super Fantasy Zone (Import) (900 points) (I wish this game came to America, Fantasy Zone is a beloved Sega mascot game and it was a huge hit in Japan's Arcades. It's basically a space shooter in a very colorful world. Worth it, if you know who Opa-Opa is)

SPLATTERHOUSE 2 (NAMCO brings back the horror video game that triggered Video Game Violence! Rick has to return to THE HOUSE, because someone is calling out to him....worth it? OH yeah, but harder in difficulty!)

VECTORMAN (The late Sega Genesis mascot, but took FOREVER to get to Virtual Console! Worth it? TOTALLY! A Genesis is never complete unless Vectorman is in the party!)

SHINING FORCE 2: Ancient Sealing (To all Sega fans out there and to any RPG lover. This game is hands down the finest work of art that the Genesis was capable of doing next to Phantasy Star IV! A MUST HAVE!)

STREET FIGHTER II: Special Champion Edition (Well, the downside to this, is there's the SNES edition of this game on the VC Already, it's SF2 Turbo. Basically both games are the exact same thing. Except the Genesis edition has a weird sound effect problems, very minor if you just want to play it. Honestly, you can pass and go for the SNES edition or stick with this. So I give this one a MAYBE)

Earthworm Jim (Interplay's smash hit finally lands on Virtual Console! This game won so many awards for Game of the Year back in 94', next to Donkey Kong Country. A must have, but be warned, there is a great challenge to seek in this game...and it's still tough as nails)

Forgotten Worlds (Capcom arcade classic that speaks for itself. Two big buff dudes in the future that can fly around and shoot in all directions and visit all kinds of sweet worlds to take on MASSIVE bosses! A must have!)

Boogerman: A Pick and Flick Adventure (Interplay strikes again! This platformer was the most grossest and funniest game that I think I can remember. Fart, Pick your nose, and burp your way to defeat all the enemies! Funny and fun! A must have!)

Phantasy Star IV: The End of the Millennium (The pinnacle of the Phantasy Star series, definitely a must have, and the only regret is it arrived during the launch of Final Fantasy III on SNES. So it was ignored greatly, unless you were a die-hard Sega fan. Yet I say unto all of you RPG fans. BUY this game or buy the Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection on PS3/360 or Sega Genesis Collection on PSP/PS2)

M.U.S.H.A. (This Side-scrolling shooter translates to "One of the best Genesis games in shooter history" Hard challenge, but man this game is solid)

MERCS: Wolf of the Battlefield II (Capcom loves you, by making this arcade port on the Sega Genesis back in the day. It's hardcore, run n' gun, butt kickin', Rambo wannabe fest. 2 player co-op and always awesome to save the President of the United States from a group of terrorist. How patriotic is that? One of my favs!)

Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure (A really awesome 16-bit take on the classic Activision classic! I really enjoy this one and keep a copy close by just in case. Actually has a code to play the Atari 2600 original!)

Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair (Import from Europe. Which explains the extra cost of this VC game. However this game is already on VC. The Turbo CD edition to be exact. This edition however is not as great, neither is the Turbo CD. So pass please. It's sequel WBIV in Monster World was MUCH better)

Galaxy Force II (If you loved Space Harrier, this might be up your ally! Sega's long lost Arcade classic made it to the Genesis. Now this game isn't really a sequel, more of a "remix". I just don't know why it was given a "II" at the title. Since the Arcade is known as "Galaxy Force")

CLAYFIGHTER! (My only complaint, is why the Genesis edition with butchered sound? The Super NES had crisper colors and sound, so you can't really hear the funny one-liners from the characters. Regardless, this game was like a PG edition of Mortal Kombat with some interesting and silly characters by far! Always a must-have, but the character AI is very hard!)

PULSEMAN (Import. 900 Points. What if I told you, the Pokemon Company worked for Sega at one time? GAMEFREAKS and Sega created this Japanese masterpiece. Prettiest graphics next to Gunstar Heroes. It's like if Sonic and MegaMan was molded into one. This would be the results. Please buy this game to see the glory of this stand-alone title)

The REVENGE of SHINOBI (The PINK edition! This game took forever to be released on VC due to many copyright issues. Marvel Comics and DC Comics had a fit when they found out BATMAN and SPIDERMAN was accidentally put in the game. Not to mention, GODZILLA even! So what did the VC crew do? They made them all PINK! Yes censor them all. Being attacked by a pink spider-man is kinda scary. Rant said and done, this was one of my favorite Shinobi games with a sweet soundtrack. A must buy.)

Sonic & Knuckles (Okay, everyone who owned a Genesis during November 1994 went berserk over this particular game. Luckily the VC edition did bring over the one feature that we loved back then. "Lock-On Technology". Where you can turn Sonic 1, 2, or 3 into a whole new Sonic game if you already own those previous games on your VC. Could have this been the last great Sonic game? Many think so. Buy it.)

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Jan 2005
Waco, TX
Bomberman '93 (YES! Since it was the first Bomberman game on the VC)

Bonk's Adventure (YES! Superb platform!)

Super Star Soldier (YES! However, it is a tough game!)

Victory Run (Decent clone of Sega's famous OUTRUN racer)

Alien Crush (Sweet Pinball game)

Military Madness (Old school RTS)

R-Type (800 Wii Points) (Yes!)

Dungeon Explorer (no, this RPG falls short of a solid game)

Soldier Blade (Loved it! Get it!)

Moto Roader (Okay Racing game, but not as developed as most I remember)

Vigilante (Okay if you loved KUNG FU on NES...get this game)

New Adventure Island (Good and bad, good, it's one of the expensive TG16 games and it's $6! Bad, it's still hard like the NES game)

Chew Man Fu (Bomberman clone, it's okay, decent.)

Double Dungeons (Not too bad, it's an average RPG with 2 player mode)

Splatterhouse (YES!! This game maybe hard, but it's one of the first violent video games! SUPER COOL!)

Dragon's Curse (NO! NO! NO! This is a spin-off of Wonder Boy 3, but it STINKS! the Genesis game was better)

Bravoman (Silliest platformer I've seen next to Keith Courage)

Bonk's Revenge (YES! Amazing sequel!)

Battle Lode Runner (Get it! Great game!)

Shockman (No, another offbeat platformer)

Ordyne (If you love PARODIUS or TWIN BEE by Konami, please get this game)

Ninja Spirit (YES! This game is a cross between R-Type and Ninja Gaiden...plays like Ninja Gaiden, but harder..)

Blazing Lazers (YES! This game rocks, the weapons for this shooter has alot of variety)

J.J. & Jeff (NO! this game is terrible! stay away!)

Dead Moon (This game rocks, nice space shooter)

Bloody Wolf (SNK's P.O.W. cousin? Probably, but SWEET GAME!)

World Sports Competition (NO!)

China Warrior (Silly rip-off of Irem's KUNG FU NES)

Dragon Spirit (I loved this game, shooters rejoice)

Air Zonk (YES! This game is worth over $100 these days, it's a space shooter..but it's made by the same dudes who did BONK's Adventure)

Silent Debuggers (interesting platformer, more of a "Search and Destroy" mission type game. So yes)

Devil's Crush (Pinball game, sequel to ALIEN CRUSH, very solid)

Drop Off (If you ever played Alleyway on GameBoy or Atari's Breakout, this is a pretty sweet game)

Galaga '90 (YES! this Galaga game was a remake of the infamous GALAGA 88', which is known among hardcores, it's so freakin' GOOD)

Cratermaze (Actually, a solid game, if you love Dig Dug and Bomberman, get this!)

Neutopia (YES! This is actually a sweet sweet Zelda clone!)

Bonk 3: Bonk's Big Adventure (YES!! Most expensive game on the TG16, yours for $6! It even has a 2 player co-op mode!)

Neutopia II (Sweet sequel to the Zelda clone, YES)

World Class Baseball (NO!)

Legend of Hero Tonma (Actually, not too bad, give a shot.)

Gate of Thunder (800 Wii Points) (Awesome shooter, so yes)

Samurai Ghost (Decent game, so yes)

Power Golf (It's a decent golf game, so yes)

Super Air Zonk: Rockabilly-Paradise (800 points) (The only Sequel to Air Zonk, so YES)

Dynastic HeroThe Dynastic Hero (800 Wii Points) (It's Wonder Boy in Monster World with different characters, but the Genesis game is 10 times better)

Monster Lair (800 Wii Points) (Aka Wonder Boy 3, solid game always)

Riot Zone (800 Wii Points) (Solid Beat'em up but too easy)

Lords of Thunder (800 Wii Points) (If you like Gate of Thunder you will love Lords of Thunder)

Psychosis (Space shooter, very similar to Darius or Gradius. Pretty average, but a good game. Maybe.)

Chase H.Q. (Such a wonderful Taito racing classic, this title pretty much put Taito on the map in the gaming industy back in the 80's, next to Bubble Bobble)

Break In (Import) (700 points) (A Virtual table pool game! Pass.)

Star Parodier (Import) (900 points) (This is a very popular trend in shooters over in Japan, by making a really cartoonish parody edition of a popular space shooter, in this case, it's Star Soldier, called "Star Parodier. The sweetest cameo is Hudson's BOMBERMAN himself! Worth it? yeah Parody based games from Japan rock so hard, just like the famous Konami Parodius)

Y's Book I & II (800 points) (This Turbo CD game is one of the best RPG's on this system and I recommend it strongly to anyone. A must have)

Cho Aniki (Import) (900 points) (This has go to be the most bizarre and actually the most homosexual based video game space shooter in history, that even even rated it as one of the gayest games ever. After playing this game, you're sure to question yourself easily. Pass with caution)

Final Soldier (Import) (700 points) (The final chapter to the Star Soldier series. Very very good shooter and easily a must have for any PC Engine/TurboGrafx16 fan!)

Digital Champ Battle Boxing (Import) (700 points) (Not as awesome as Punch-Out, but I'd pass.)

Gradius II: Gofer no Yabou (Import) (900 points) (The sequel I always wanted, the Konami sequel to GRADIUS is a must must have. It breaks my heart, that Gradius 2 was never released in America, instead they skipped to SALAMANDER (aka LIFE FORCE NES))

Bomberman 94' (Oh now we're talking. This is still upheld as one of the finest Bomberman games since Super Bomberman 5 (JPN) and Saturn Bomberman. However, this game was re-released on the Sega Genesis under the name "MEGA BOMBERMAN!" Same game, but suffers some lag during gameplay. I think the port was rushed, yet manages well on Genesis. Now the TG16 edition? 5 player Battle mode. Did I mention it's 700 points? It's an import after all and worth having!)

Detana!! TwinBee (700 points. Another import, but with KONAMI SHOOTER goodness! TwinBee is another beloved Japanese shooter in the likes of Gradius and Parodius. I would love to have this game!)

SimEarth: The Living Earth (800 points. Turbo CD game. Nice, but Sim City on SNES still holds a candle in the eyes of the fans. So pass)

FIGHTING STREET! (Capcom FINALLY answers the call of duty by giving support to the TG16 side of the VC. With the very first Street Fighter game with a rather silly name. 800 points since it was released on Turbo CD. Not an amazing game, not as fast passed as the SF2 series, but interesting)

Street Fighter II' Champion Edition (700 points. One of the later Arcade ports of SF2 CE that never came to America. Yet ironically, Hudson Soft was able to put it on a HuCard instead of a Turbo CD disc. Which makes no sense. Now for the nitty gritty. This particular port tries as hard as possible to look, act, and feel like the Arcade. The graphics and sound are top notch like the SNES, but the sound chip on the BGM is a little outdated. Yet this is one of the cheapest SF2 ports on the VC by a mere 100 points less, just remember to calibrate your controller settings before you start. It has this weird setup. A must have? Maybe, but many will say just buy Super SF2 SNES and call it a day. Yet I'm a sucker for all ports of Street Fighter lol)

CASTLEVANIA Rondo of Blood (900 points. This game was once valued at $230, it was the first CastleVania game to become such a legend that only certain people could tell the story of this Japanese game. Entitled Dracula X: Rondo of Blood. Soundtrack, the environments, the storyline, the enemies, the boss fights, etc. etc. are just downright breath taking and made the PC Engine CD drive kick the Sega CD in the balls. If you have a PSP you can find the sweet remake of this that includes this game and CastleVania Symphony of the Night. If not, please for the love of God buy this game)

*Next post...N64*
Jan 2007
I think Mega did an excellent job on this guide. He didn't have to do it, he did it for us.

and it wasn't quickly thrown together, it might have taken hours
Dec 2005
Fraser, Michigan
redrum said:
who ever made this list does not know what the f*ck they are talking about

Blazing Lazers is one of the greatest shooters of all time every real shooter fan know that
Oh Woe is Mega for having a different opinion. :lol

Awesome job on those lists Mega. I'll actually be using this to purchase future games from Nes/SNES/Genesis. :)
Jan 2005
Waco, TX
Super Mario 64 (Yes for the love of Mario, yes)

Mario Kart 64 (If it had online mode, I'd pwn you all, so yes)

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (GOD YES!)

Star Fox 64 (Oh yeah, do a barrel roll baby! YES!)

F-Zero X (Yes. This game was insanely fast and fun)

Paper Mario ($10 for a sweet RPG? YES!)

Wave Race 64 (Maybe. Biggest debate is this game is very common and usually found for $5)

Yoshi's Story (Okay if you really love Yoshi, you'd ask for Yoshi's Island, but this is a sweet game regardless)

Sin and Punishment: Successor of the Earth (1200 Wii Points) (By all means, the price being $12 is by FAR worth it, solid challenge, and such an amazing game)

Pokemon Snap (By all means, if you had fond memories of this 1st 3D Pokemon, it's worth it, but with the bonus Wii photo shop feature this game includes, it'll make it even sweeter)

1080° Snowboarding (I remember how many fans loved this game, I forgot if the Cube edition was decent, but not too bad still)

Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards (Oh yeah! Sweet sweet game, Kirby's 2.5-D adventure was awesome always!)

Cruisin' USA (Awesome game from it's time, but debatable, since many feel it wasn't arcade perfect.)

Pokemon Puzzle League (Such a superb clone of Tetris Attack! A must have if you're a Pokemon fan or not a Pokemon fan!)

Mario Golf (What can I say? Nintendo knows how to make a Golf game! Just look at the NES Golf, it's a track history that never ends. A must have!)

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (Finally, your Zelda collection can now be completed. This port fixed many issues found in the GameCube Zelda Collector's Edition disc. Namely the sound issues. This is personally one of my favorite Zelda games. Please buy!)

Super Smash Bros. (Okay Okay, We all know the GameCube edition is the ELITE edition. Sure the Wii one has flaws and such. As for me, being the super retro nerd around here. I say go with the N64. Why? It still amazes me it started on the N64!! Buy it to be like the cool Smash Bros! Plus you get to use your Classic Controller or GameCube controller! How cool is that!?)

Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber (The finest RPG on the Nintendo 64 that is so brilliant that I really thought it was a lost RPG from the PSX. Yet proved, the N64 was capable of delivering at least one RPG worth talking about. BUY IT.)

MARIO TENNIS (Sweet action, but the only question I have is how in the world do you unlock the other characters since we can't use the Game Boy Transfer Pak in this port?? Personally, this game rocked. It's sequel on Cube was tight and the Wii version is sadly a port. I still think it holds a light up to the test of time if you can ignore the fact that WALUIGI was born in this game than we can safely move on from the "Regretful" stages of character design from Nintendo ^_^ Buy it if you always have company or live with roomates)

MARIO PARTY 2 (Oh wow, after a 6 month gap of no Nintendo 64 games. Here comes the MOTHER of all party games! Pokemon Stadium's mini-games were baller, but oh sweet heaven! MARIO PARTY 2 fixed so many issues with the first game like making your joystick survive a brutal beating from your evil thumb! Which explains why the first game isn't on VC! Otherwise, PLEASE BUY IT if you are starving for N64 games on your Wii!)

*Next post...Neo-Geo*
Jan 2005
Waco, TX
Art of Fighting (NO! This game is beyond difficult, not worth $9, if you have a PS2, find the cheap AOF Collection)

Fatal Fury: King of Fighters (NO. Limited characters to play as and I'd recommend waiting for Fatal Fury 2 or Fatal Fury Special, if you have a PS2, find the Fatal Fury Collection)

World Heroes (Maybe. This first in the series was pretty good, but not as insanely awesome as WH2 or WH2 Jet)

Magician Lord (YES! This platformer has been compared to the Ghouls N Ghosts series at time, it's a pain to finish, but it just screams "I am everything the Neo Geo stands for")

Blue's Journey (Well the value of this game ranges in the real cart format, but for $9? I would say worth it This game is like an Alex the Kidd or Mickey Mouse in Castle of Illusion platformer I will say. So YES!)

Baseball Stars 2 (This was one of the most legendary baseball games and a true blessing to have it on the Virtual Console, buy it please)

Top Hunter: Roddy & Cathy (Decent Metal Slug/Gunstar Heroes Clone, give a try! Yes!)

King of Fighters '94 (Oh I loved this one, I know the later games were much better. So please purchase!)

Metal Slug (Such a wonderful game, needs no introduction. Yet, Metal Slug Anthology is on Wii already, so it's your choice)

Ninja Combat (Side scrolling beat'em up. Except you never punch people, you throw awesome ninja stars! It's okay, I had fun with this game on MVS)

Samurai Shodown (Another legendary series that still rocks the house to this very day. A MUST HAVE!)

Burning Fight! (A cheesy 80's montage brawler that is a complete rip-off of Final Fight. Results? I LOVED IT! Yet was heart broken to find out how short this game is :( Yet one fun game!)

Fatal Fury 2 (Another Mega favorite, "AGAIN...LEGENDARY...MEN....RETURN". A vastly improved sequel compared to the original, 8 playable characters, however it's sequel FF Special is superior. Yet still worth it, until Special arrives on VC)

King of the Monsters (Such a dream come true! Godzilla clone that is so worth it! I wish the sequel was on here as well, since I recommend both!)

Ninja Commando (Man, Neo Geo loves Ninjas! It's basically Commando/MERCS Clone, but with Ninjas. It's really awesome)

Art of Fighting 2 (For the LOVE OF GOD. STAY AWAY FROM THIS GAME. This game holds the record for the hardest freakin' fighting game EVER. The Character AI is the smartest and cheapest)

Neo Turf Masters (By far, the best Golf game I've ever played, makes Tiger Wood look like a punk. No joke either)

Samurai Shodown II (An Amazing sequel! Yet much harder compared to the first. Yet totally worth it!)

METAL SLUG 2 (Sweet sequel, but be warned, this game does have lag. It was later fixed and remade in the name of "Meta Slug X". It's basically the exact same game, but the bosses and levels are mixed up a bit. Worth it? Yeah totally! Yet Metal Slug Anthology is only $20 if you find it)

FATAL FURY SPECIAL (This game is the Street Fighter II Turbo of the Neo Geo. It combined all your favorite characters from Fatal Fury 1 and 2, amped up the speed, and delivered some new characters on the side. This game features a hidden character that later spawned off the King of Fighters series. That character was Ryo from Art of Fighting. A must have, but be warned the challenge this game offers is great.)

IRONCLAD (1000 Wii Points. A little higher price, because it was only released on Neo Geo CD! Ground breaking that the Virtual Console was able to pull this off! Now if we could only get Crossed Swords II on this badboy, I'd be a happy camper. This shoot'em up is quite brilliant! A must for any fans of "Raiden" series.)

The King of Fighters 95' (Told you Ryo was up to no good! This sequel to KOF94 brought more to the table. You could finally choose which three characters you wish to have or stick with teams. More playable characters even! Personally, this was my favorite KOF next to KOF98. A must buy.)

SAMURAI SHODOWN III (Ah, BLADES OF BLOOD. Such a nice sequel. However, I always felt this one was ignored. Sure there's a rare PS1 release of this game, but luckily this is now part of the Samurai Shodown Anthology on PS2 and Wii. So this really awkward to release it again by itself. So either find the Anthology or get it.)

Spin Master (Sweet little adventure platformer with a kid and his yoyo weapon! Hauntingly a very good game, I used to find myself trying to find how far I could get, just like Magician Lord. Feels like JOE & MAC from the Arcade/SNES/Genesis/NES since it was made by Data East as well! I will say, yes please buy.)

Magical Drop II (Oh, Data East. How I adore you. This was the first Data East Neo Geo game I believe? Please correct me if I am wrong. I still pray for some PUZZLE BUBBLE, but this game is just a masterpiece just like it's amazing sequel. Puzzle game fans, take hint. This game rocks.)

*Next post....Sega Master System*
Nov 2007
Hinesmdc said:
I think Mega did an excellent job on this guide. He didn't have to do it, he did it for us.

and it wasn't quickly thrown together, it might have taken hours
You are partly right. It would have taken years of gaming experience in order to put this list together.
Mar 2007
IceMan09 said:
You are partly right. It would have taken years of gaming experience in order to put this list together.
You do know what the Virtual Console is, no? All it takes is a decent chunk of spare cash.
Dec 2005
Fraser, Michigan
Well he's right. The money really has nothing to do with it unless you waste ur money on a game that ends up sucking. Mega's been in the game for a looong time, and he definitely has the knowledge that would come in handy on a list like this.
Nov 2007
yeah, expectational since these are all older games that you would have had to play to know what is worth playing.
this list is to help people not waste their money on a game that they'll only play once or twice.
Dec 2005
Fraser, Michigan
Mega's guide works yet again!

I now have:

Ocarina of Time
Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels
Super Metroid Prime (You can talk to me Mega, :lol)
Super Mario World

Mar 2007
As the closest to being the resident Metroid nut, I have to point out Prime was only a subtitle given to the 3-D games. Every other one is just Metroid. Metroid, Metroid II: Return of Samus, Super Metroid. I hate to be nitpicky about it, but oh well. As for myself, soon I will have Bomberman '93, Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels, Super Metroid, Super Mario 64, Kid Icarus(it's great, stop kidding yourself), and Super Mario Bros. 3. Gawd, I love the Virtual Console.
Jan 2005
Waco, TX
Sega Master System:

Wonderboy (This game is basically the game that Hudson ripped off and made it into Adventure Island. Yet there are a FEW differences that separate the games from starting a lawsuit back in the 80's. Very awesome game regardless, but since the NES and TG16 edition of this game is on the VC, it's easy to ignore)

Fantasy Zone (The classic Sega Arcade game! A space shooter in a colorful world. A must have!)

Alex Kidd in Miracle World (Sega's FIRST mascot. If you wanna learn about the history of Sega, this is where you should start. This game rocked in 86' and it still rocks to this very day.)

Sonic the Hedgehog (Okay I'm gonna be straight up honest with you. The confusion is everywhere and Mega is gonna set the record straight. This game is a DIRECT port of the Sega GameGear Sonic 1. It's actually one of the rarest USA SMS games. It was released during the final year of the Master System and it's still being hunted down by collectors. Worth it? It's $5, so it's your call)

SPACE HARRIER (Okay, I'm getting grey hair when I talk about this one. This was my all time favorite SMS game. Been playing it since I was 6 years old and it still rocks as one of the best Sega Space Shooters to date. Get it please.)

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Another direct port of a GameGear that was only released in Europe and Brazil. Actually, this is one of the most evilest and hardest Sonic games in existences.You can't even play as Tails, because he's kidnapped! Pass? Maybe)

Enduro Racer (What if Excitebike and Hang-On had a kid? This was it! Quite fun indeed!)

Wonderboy in Monster Land (Action/RPG. Pretty much a Zelda 2 clone, that is MUCH cheaper on VC compared to the real psychical copy. A must have!)

Sonic Chaos (The 3rd and final GameGear port, that is actually one of the BEST! Finally you can play as Sonic or TAILS! No insane challenge unlike number 2 on GG/SMS. A must buy!)

Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars (When Mega was a little mega, this was his first video game he ever beat. I adored this game because I didn't have an Nintendo. Yet I played the snot out of this game! A must buy for platformer lovers!)

Fantasy Zone II: The Tears of Opa-Opa (Cheaper than the actual game! Amazing! Fantasy Zone is always a blast to play as Sega's finest shooter.)

Secret Command (600 points. Okay this is a Japanese import, but here's the truth. This game is another favorite of mine, it was released in America...but under the name: RAMBO PART 2 THE FIRST BLOOD! :D That's right! It's a run n gun, just remove RAMBO and this is the real game in disguise! If you remember IKARI WARRIORS, you will dig this game!)

PHANTASY STAR (The first epic RPG on the SMS for $5? SOLD!)

R-Type (SMS edition was the first port and MAN it looks so good! Hands-down, one of the best looking SMS games in it's history and cheaper than the TG16 edition!)

Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap (aka Dragon's Curse on TG16. This game has been recycled to death, but this is a nice cheaper way to play it! So MAYBE)

Alex the Kidd in Shinobi World (Man, I'd kill to own the real American cart of this game. It's SO good! It's just Alex the Kidd..slapped in the Shinobi game! What more could you ask for? Sadly, it flopped bad, and the critics tore it a new butthole. I loved it and there really wasn't nothing wrong with this final SMS Alex game. Poor little mascot. :()