EGA's "Virtual Console" buyer's guide (North American list)

Commodore 64:

International Karate (One of the granddaddy's of fighting games. Famous Arcade game that was ported. You can even see it in the movie with Jean Claude Van Damme, called "Blood Sport". So, bow to your SENSAI!!! )

The Last Ninja (I would say this is old school Prince of Persia gameplay with Ninjas, yet you need serious patients to play this game. It's not fast paced)

Pitstop 2 (basically a Pole Position clone with 2 player versus. It's pretty solid)

Summer Games II (I had this game to be honest, it's the only Commodore 64 game I can remember next to Mech Warrior and GI Joe. Very nice collection of Winter Olympics 84' games, I'm surprised Virtual Console doesn't have more of these)

Tower Toppler (Interesting platformer that was ported to GameBoy under the name "Castelian". I may have to venture into this one)

Boulder Dash (Pitfall on steroids! This game was awesome, collect diamonds and move onto the next level within the time limit!)

California Games (This game was ported to NES back in the day, it was extremely fun from my memory)

Last Ninja 2: Back with a Vengeance (one of the most successful games on the C64 arrives back with VENGEANCE! I will have to try this one to give a better preview)

Cybernoid: The Fighting Machine (if you've ever played MOON PATROL or heard of it, then I think you may love this game)

Gaplus (This game is also known as Galaga 3. Rarely known throughout the gaming universe, this 2nd sequel to the series suffers the same tragic problem as most 80's Arcade games suffered. Not having the ability to overcome it's original, yet if it wasn't for this bad boy. We wouldn't have the awesome and legendary Galaga 88', which you can find the TG16 edition on VC already. I digress, I'm a sucker for Galaga. So by all means for 500 points? Hell yeah!)

Mappy (Another personal favorite of mine. Take the elements of Flicky from Sega's 1983 classic. Except you play as this adorable Mouse Cop named Mappy. Your mission is to get back all the stuff stolen from the Cat Gang! Yet you don't even have a gun!? Looks like you're a security guard instead! So you are forced to trick them with sneaky doors that slam the cats across the screen and trying to hide from them as well. Just remember, never approach a hostile thief! You must be sure he is stealing apparently! Yet I love this game and the BGM as well!)

Star Force (This particular game reminds me of XEVIOUS. A faster edition to be exact. Fun game, but insanely hard! Namco always loves to make us remember that SHOOTERS were the 1980's! Maybe that's why this game was hidden in Star Fox Assault on GameCube? :))

The Tower of Druaga (Arcade RPG goodness! Now remember, back then we didn't have much of a goal. This is like Pac-Man, except you have to make it to the other side of the map. Kind of like a maze you play from your kid's menu at Red Lobster. Except there's monsters wanting to kill you at every corner and you can't erase your mistakes with a Crayola crayon. Fatal Labyrinth on Sega Genesis plays a lot like this game. So it's really a classic step back and you can't level up. However, I loved this one.)

SPACE HARRIER (800 points. A gorgeous game, in full Arcade beauty. Yet SMS and Genesis has Space Harrier II. You might pass this with ease, unless you wish to see what it really looks like.)

TECMO BOWL (600 points. I have to admit, the arcade original is a bit odd compared to the NES and it's many sequels. However, the foundations of what made the game series unique is here)

ALTERED BEAST (1000 points. Ouch on the price, it's better to find the Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection PS3/360 or Sega Genesis Collection PS2/PSP, since it does contain this)

RYGAR (600 points. We loved Rygar on the NES, but it's Arcade counterpart offers a greater challenge! I loved this port, but it feels like the game NEVER ENDS!)

GOLDEN AXE (900 points. OUCH Sega! Wth on the price! This Arcade port will make you uber jealous, but it will hinder your memories of the beloved Genesis classic! However, this game was on Xbox Live Arcade in it's fully Arcade beauty for a mere $5! So please pass and buy it on XBLA!)

Solomon's Key (Beloved Tecmo Arcade classic, that's at the right price! If you loved the NES classic. I would recommend it!)

SHINOBI (800 points. Sega is killing us for Arcade ports! I love it, but good lord you can find a solid port of this game on XBLA for $5. Pass!)

NINJA GAIDEN (500 points for the weirdest Ninja Gaiden game you will EVER PLAY! It's a Brawler like Double Dragon and Ryu Hayabusa moves like a freakin' turtle. Two-player co op even! Get it to complete your collection or pass! your call!)

ZAXXON (Sega really hates us for 800 points. Yet this game can be easily found on ANY Sega Collection on PS2, PS3, 360, or PSP! Pass! Fun early 3D type of game, but the Sega Master System had a wicked 3D edition with glasses!)

SonSon (800 points. Okay this game inspired a special character used in Marvel Vs. Capcom 2. The little monkey girl is based on Japanese folklore. It's an entertaining game. Downside? This is easily found on Capcom Classics Collection Vol. 1 on PS2/Xbox as well as PSP for dirt cheap with tons of other beloved Capcom classics. Pass.)

Wolf of the Battlefield: COMMANDO (800 ponts. Alright, Capcom you're starting to tick me off! Overcharging a poor defenseless perfect Arcade port found on the Capcom Classics Collection as mentioned above? Shame on you! It's a solid game, but it's sequel MERCS was amazing! As for this game, not worth the 800 Wii Points)
Wow, this list is cool :D

Hey, Mega, any chance of it being updated?

(since your last addition to this VC game list was in April 2009!)

Lots of VC games have been added since then, like I don't know for example CASTLEVANIA: RONDO OF BLOOD (Turbo Grafx CD) ^_^


This link should help you out with what came out since then .:)


(nintendolife's listing of VC games sorted to include only USA VC games and also sorted by date (newest listed first)

your lawyers?? :lol

Nah, just a fan of old school games who stumbled onto your list :)

AH well.. when you get the time.

Any clue when you might get a chance to update the list?
(Are we talking days, weeks, or months here? :D)

I can't believe this thread is five years old and I've over looked it for half a decade.

90% of this is spot on (10% adjustment for sega fanboyism!) but everyone has their bias(es?) and I aplaud you for yours. If there ever was a manufacturer that I wanted to see succede it was Sega but alias, they're out of the console biz and put out a great game here and there and fill in with tons of meh.

again, just like everyone else stated these are opinions. I love sega. The coolest looking system ever is a genny with the cd and 32x attached. I've got a working cdx on display in my bedroom, heck there was a point in time I wished sega would have crushed nintendo (back when I realized nintendo was wal-martting developers to be exclusive) but the sega stuff just doesn't age as well as nintendo, tg or neo do for me.

(back on topic) god bless old posts, I'll have something to play on the wii u when the luster wears off of the three launch games i'm buying for christmas.

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