Excavation confirms Atari buried ET games

Jun 2004

A New Mexico landfill is being excavated to confirm that Atari did bury an overstock of unsold 2600 games back in 1983. This supports the old story that Atari did almost destroy the video game market with the release of the ET videogame.


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Jun 2004
retro junkie said:
I'm just curious if there are any of those carts out of that landfill that will still work. If so, there goes the value of any collector who has one. :lol
One of my co-workers got a copy from a local Mega Replay store. He does not even have an Atari system. He just wanted it for laughs.

The same guy also spent like a whole paycheck on Ecto Cooler juice boxes before it was discontinued again... so silly, yet so awesome!

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