Favorite Arcade Game?

Jun 2004
Favorite that I always play is Street Fighter vs. SNK 2. :)

But I also like
The Simpsons
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
House of the Dead 1 & 2
Time Crisis 1 & 2
Dead or Alive 2

I also like pinball machines.

I'm probably dating myself but...

Rampage World Tour (for Obvious reasons)

Star Trek Voyager -The Arcade Game

Discs Of Tron


Arch Rivals


and the first arcade game I ever bought... BATTLEZONE!

But they should recognize the awesomeness of Michael Jackson's Moonwalker. :lol

Really, the game is actually pretty decent for how it sounds. It's not impossible like most arcade beat-em-ups, and it's hilarious to get as many enemies on the screen as possible, and then watch Michael do the Smooth Criminal or Beat It dance with all the bad guys. :lol
Here's mine: (only listing those I've actually played in the arcade)

1. Radiant Silvergun
2. Armed Police Batrider
3. The Game Paradise
4. Raiden Fighters Jet
5. Gunblade NY
6. Raiden DX
7. Metal Slug 3
8. Mr. Driller
9. Galaga
10. Time Crisis 2
I go to the state fair just to play Daytona USA from 94. Sega Model 2 is nostolgic.

yeah, and I play Radiant Silvergun in an emulator! Woot! Nobody asks me which is too bad. Sucks to be them. They probably played it by now, because I scare them. I played Battle Garraga, DonDonPachi, Soukyugurentai on SSF too. Soukugurentai was fun.
Bubble Bobble, of course :D

though honestly, I never played Bubble Bobble until my later years in life

my favorites that I used to actually play in arcades were The Simpsons, Street Fighter II (and its variants), and Double Dragon

also Mouse Trap is awesome

my dream is to one day get a real Bubble Bobble machine, and also a Mouse Trap one

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