Favorite Tetris Game

With so many different versions of Tetris out htere, which one is your all time favorite? Is it the classic original? Dr. Mario? Or even the new iPad version. Discuss!
Feb 2007
Kentucky, US
I like the original black & white Gameboy version. To me, that is tetris, portable, and really the first one that I played. Whenever the itch strikes, that is the one I run back to. Although the first time I player it the colors were pea green, I prefer to play it on my Gameboy Pocket, which I had out yesterday playing Nemesis.
Jun 2009
The original Tetris on GameBoy has always been my favorite and continues to be one of the all time GB classics. I would count Tetris 2+BomBliss on Famicom where BomBliss plays exactly like Tetris Blast, so it is my 2nd favorite because it beats the crap out of NOA's NES Tetris which only had 1 player modes and Tetris 2+BomBliss saves!
MR.KAZ said:
I prefer the original.They stretched that game way too far.
I totally agree with you Mr. Kaz. I love the original, mostly because of the music.

I do however get pretty bored playing the same old black and white game all the time. I really like playing Dr. Mario on the Nintendo DS! Such a fun console to play it on!