First N64 Game

SpartanEvolved said:
Shadows of the Empire should be remade :p
There was a PC version, too, though most folks don't seem to know about it. Much better than N64 with really good cut scenes. I haven't been able to find a copy yet, but there are several videos of it on YouTube and it looks really sweet.

Edit: Okay, I found an old demo at Gamestop and downloaded it. It only plays the Hoth snowspeeder level, without cut scenes or music. Game play looks identical to the N64 version, with the exception of being able to turn off the fog:

But I still want to get it just for the nostalgia and added cinematics.
May 2007
got mine the xmas it came out don't know how my parents found one. I had mario 64 with it which is the systems flagship title for sure and imo the best 3d mario ever maybe not graphically but its the best I even own a copy on my wii via the virtual console

Daaaaaaaaaaaamn. Still one of the my favourite games of all time. That and Perfect Dark. Perfect Dark was pretty freaking amazing. I played that religiously. Ah Elvis. <3
Dec 2007
Mine was on Christmas eve night my parents let me open it up with Super Mario 64 and I believe Super Smash brothers? Don't hold me to that but I did eventually get that game.

The funny thing about me getting it was that my parents tried to hide it in their laundry hamper and I found it, and they told me it was for my moms friend's child=[