From the creators of Too Human & Eternal Darkness comes: X-Men Destiny

Jan 2005
Waco, TX
The people who made games Too Human and Eternal Darkness are now making an X-Men adventure for Activision, a game that lets players mold their own mutant. This is what that game, X-Men Destiny, is looking like right now.

First screen shots of Silicon Knights' X-Men game made their way online, via a YouTube video uploaded by SuperOrobi. They show a few familiar X-faces, like Gambit and Quicksilver, fighting alongside a tribally tattooed man against giant robots. Perhaps if you liked Too Human, you're getting good vibes from X-Men Destiny.

To date, we've seen mostly teases of X-Men Destiny's promise in trailer form and in game descriptions. The game is planned to ship to consoles this fall.