Sega Genesis GENCORE Console (A Sega Genesis clone system)


It's shapped like Sonic the Hedgehog's head, but it has 20 built-in Genesis games AND accepts the real cartridges as well O.O Cost? $39.99!

20 games that come with it are:
Alien Storm
Altered Beast
Sonic Spinball
Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle
Arrow Flash
Kid Chameleon
Decap Attack
Crack Down
Columns III
Sonic & Knuckles
ESWAT: City Under Siege
Ecco the Dolphin
Gain Ground
Golden Axe
Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine
Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master
Ecco Jr.
Jewel Masher
Shadow Dancer

and a PORTABLE New Sega Genesis! Entitled, "GEN MOBILE" Price? $54.99

Soon this will be on pre-orders and many Ebay auctions. Yet I have to say, this is the coolest lil' remodel I've seen!
M.O.V said:
I never thought they made a portable. Well there is a guy out there that makes 360s' into laptops and PS3s' into toasters.
It's an off brand.

Sega officially made two portable Genesis systems (One in America and one in Japan)

The Sega Nomad (USA) and The Sega Mega Jet (Japan)
I might have to grab up that portable. That is neat. I wonder what type of build quality it has? If only they would cough up a SNES one that takes the old carts I would be in heaven. :)

PS: If that is the "on and off" switch there on the bottom, that could be annoying if it is easily hit with repercussions during a game. The size of that thing, I had to get a Sega cart out and imagine.
I really don't want those Genesis clone systems because my two official Sega Genesis systems in my collection are good enough for me, which are the NTSC MegaDrive 2 and Genesis 3 consoles so I can get the best of both worlds (in terms of Genesis and PAL/NTSC MegaDrive games). If those GENCORE Genesis clone systems come out in stores, then MN12BIRD from YouTube will review them (dont ask me why I mentioned his yt name because some of you already know who he is).
I just found this one today. The Sega Genesis Firecore System for $25. I like the look of this one better.
I wonder how these companies many products like this?

I don't think they are officially licensed... so how do they put another company's games on a system like this?

They must strike a deal with the parent companies in some way... I would think...

†B†V† :hat
Jun 2004
I think the same thing happened with the FC Twin. The company swooped in to make hardware that could play NES titles when the original copyright opened to generic products being allowed.
These Genesis clone systems are also available at your local Play N Trade store in America, because I've just seen them over there besides eBay. It looks like early Japanese MegaDrive games will work fine.

Edit: Sonic 1, Sonic 2, and Wrestle War should've made their way to the Genesis Firecore built-in games list, but at least Wrestle War (Japan NTSC or PAL Version) is supposed to work on the Genesis Firecore due to this wrestling game that never came out in the US until Sega Smash Pack on Dreamcast.

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