Sega Genesis Genesis and Game Gear RPGs

Feb 2005
Post number these are two systems where I have just begun to look for games, so I don't have any (other than the Phantasy Star Collection for my GBA which is a port of PS1, 2, and 3) What do I need to get?
Oct 2004

Phantasy Star 1-4 (1 is a japanese reissue only of the sms version)
Shining Force
Shining Force 2 (THE MUST HAVE OR YOU ARE A FOOL:):))
Shining in the Darkness
Story of Thor
Wonderboy/Monstterworld 4 and 5
Warsong (more a strategy rpg, known as Langrisser in, severely)
Koie stuff if you like strategy type affairs


Shining Force Gaiden
Shining Force Gaiden 2
Shining Force Gaiden Final Conflict
Defenders of the Oasis
Phantasy Star ( 2 titles but forget the names..sorry)

and then get a saturn for shining force 3 as it is teh best rpg evar!